Monday, November 3, 2014

The Best Time of the Year

The weirdest thing happens the day after Halloween. Suddenly you awaken with the need to feel Christmas! The spooky feeling of Halloween is gone!!!

We've hosted a Halloween party for the past several years. It was tough to not have that to do. We just don't have enough friends here to host a big party. So we watched Halloween 4 on TV and handed out candy! I got dressed as a scarecrow to hand out candy. It was nothing elaborate, but atleast it was fun. We decided to head to Container Park to see what they had going on. Fremont Street was having a block party beside it so we walked along it for a bit. It was crazy people watching. There were so many neat costumes!!! Container Park is made of storage containers turned into stores. We roamed around it as well. We finally settled in one place and just sat to watch people. It was weird without all of our friends, but we made the most of it. I'm in awe of how much Halloween has taken off in the world. Many people decorate their homes just like Christmas! It's really neat! When I was a reporter I loved to do the story at Halloween stores about all people were buying for their homes. It's insane what people spend! We spent $10 on just candy! And it almost wasn't enough!!!

Our friends, Sean and Karen asked us to be godparents of their baby girl, Guinevere Louise. She will be born in January. They called and got us both on the phone. I almost cried. I am just in awe that someone thinks we are special enough for such an honor. We try to lead good lives and we try to be as faithful as possible each day, but we fail just like anyone else. We were so touched. We are so very excited to be godparents and lead this child spiritually. I try to always be a good leader to my younger cousins, nieces and nephews. We are so very touched others see the light in us as well. We both have good hearts and work for the best in all people, but you never stop to look around and see if people are watching that. I have a tender heart and a tough exterior so you often wonder if people see that. We cannot wait to walk with Guinnie through life. Her parents became close to us so very quickly and were an answer from God for best friends in our lives. I prayed for a long time for friends like Nick's parents have and my parents have. We have many friends, but I always wanted couples that were very close to us to walk together through life. We have a few we can call that now, and Karen and Sean are such a blessing to us.

The wind is howling, the air is crisp and the windchimes beat against one another. Yes, Halloween is over. It's time for the best time of the year!!!

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