Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Interesting Conclusions About Newborns

I've come to some interesting conclusions about newborns.

Why do we even really have a changing table? Most of the time we're putting Walker on the couch, the floor, basically anywhere we can put a blanket under him and throw on a diaper. The changing table is pretty much there in the morning and at night for us to put him in new clothes and while we are there throw on a new diaper. We could probably put him in new clothes on the floor and life would go on.

Speaking of changing him, why do people buy pee pee tee pees? I've been peed on multiple times and I lived. Sometimes I even remember to put a wipe over him.

New words in my vocabulary: nose frida and gripe water. I have both and don't know if they live up to their hype just yet!

Burp cloths can be basically anything. Many times I won't have a burp cloth nearby so I just use my tank top to wipe off whatever I need. My husband thinks I am crazy, but I'm in my workout clothes, not too worried about them getting dirty.

Sleep deprivation leads you to talk in your sleep. Nick has many conversations that don't make much sense.

You never really get mad at them even if they are screaming at you. I just smile and think it's cute.

The wooby pacifier is a lifesaver. Walker is so in love with his frog. We got him a monkey and elephant, too, but he must always have the frog.

You would think we are putting him in a torture chamber when we change his diaper. He screams at the top of his lungs. I wonder if one day he will just chill out and enjoy it.

My child sounds like a gremlin after eating. He makes crazy sounds and moves around like Gizmo. Gizmo wasn't supposed to eat after midnight and my child eats all day and night.

Car rides and stroller rides are magical sleep machines. Walker will be screaming and once he gets to rolling, it's sunshine and lollipops.

I wonder why diapers are so cute? I get excited when I put him in a really cute diaper print and boom, have to change it in the next five minutes. If you are going to go through them that quickly, let me use an ugly diaper!

Newborns bring a special kind of love into your life.  That's why we buy all the crazy high tech gadgets even if we never use them and try in every way possible to ensure their life is amazing at all times!

Babies are pretty perfect.

Looking forward to learning more each day!!! 


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