Sunday, August 2, 2015

Time Travels Too Fast: The Parents Visit

The back porch is just a little quieter and the hummingbirds don't have their usual audience this week. All of the parents have come and gone making it seem like time is traveling way too fast. Dad and Brenda were the first to arrive and stay a week. Brenda cooked and cleaned up a storm. Early mornings they would take Walker on the back porch and just enjoy time with him letting me sleep. Dad and Nick went to town to the car museums one day and Brenda and I did a quick shopping trip one morning. We had family ice cream outings lugging Walker along and sat by the pool basking in the sun. At one point everyone was in the pool (except Dubs) and I just smiled to myself this was my idea of peace, of fun, of family. The same feeling at family reunions, Christmas gatherings and times when family is together just laughing in one place. I wanted to hang on to these times and not let them go home! It was great to just hang out. Brenda gave me amazing advice on babies as we learn as we go! I told Nick not to call my dad Grandpa when talking about him because my Dad to me is young and Grandpa ain't cutting it! Nene and Papa Mark are so in love with lil Dubby. They helped in so many ways, mainly with just love.

Nick's mom and dad had to come separately because they were at their house in Ruidoso and had nothing to do with the dog. Dianne arrived and instantly fell in love. She, too, cooked and cleaned... we told her numerous times to just take a break! Each morning she took W out to the back porch, watched the hummingbirds and sat with him. Jim came as her flight took off and we knew as the man he might not be cleaning as much! Nick was just so excited to hang out with him and just relax. They did little projects and again, we did a lot of sitting on the back porch enjoying life. We enjoyed a pool day with him as well! (W was right inside with the monitor!)... The week began winding down and it was time for him to go. It was so hard to say goodbye to everyone. It was like this time I kept waiting for, wondering how it would go, waiting and knowing it would be special and then the week came and went as time goes by... and just travels way too fast...

So here we are. Our little family figuring it out. The great thing is we both talk to the parents all of the time. It's not the same as being in the room, but it's special. Our parents are our heroes. I wish I could put into words what all of this and what all of them mean to me and to us. It cannot be found with words. Walker is so lucky and blessed to be in this family. We may not be a huge family, but the love of each side wraps around us and shines brightly. Time cannot slow down so we absorb each minute. We take nothing for granted. And we just keep thanking God this is us.

First Day Home in Swing

Back Porch Sittin'

First Bath

I made it a week!

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