Friday, July 31, 2015

Walker Dean Gray's Birth Story

I was over waiting for Walker. The days seemed to pass slowly as I sat by the pool just waiting for him. Everyone said it could be a week or two. I awoke Sunday around 11 PM with sharp pains. I wondered if it was a fake contraction as I read way too many forums discussing such a thing. I awoke almost every hour in pain. Around 3 AM I even took a shower just to get away from it. I told Nick to go to work as there was nothing to worry about, but he had me call the hospital to see if there was any worry. The hospital along with multiple friends said this could go on for days. I wasn't prepared for days of this kind of pain! So I took it all day and just chilled out. By that night the contractions might have been 8 minutes apart according to my phone app, but I figured it was just normal. I decided to wash my hair and shower just in case... but, I thought I was crazy. Nick finally decided it was better to go get checked than die of pain... if there is such a thing? 

It was past 10 PM so the emergency room nurses have to wheel you down to the maternity ward. I wanted to walk! I gave in as I thought they were just going to turn me away... We got there and the nurses thought I was their 10 PM induction so they sent me back to a room. They started talking to me about procedure and I got excited thinking I was getting induced! They then realized I was just some crazy lady and gave me water saying I was probably dehydrated. The on call doctor came in to check me and said I was at a 7 so I sure wasn't going home tonight. He asked how I tolerated the pain all day because I must be strong. I didn't know any different! So they set me up with an epidural and on we roll...

The nurses throughout the night were amazing. Of course, we called our parents on Texas time waking them up. I also began texting loved ones all night, and some even responded at midnight... while others once they started getting up for work responded! They told us to sleep a few hours, but we were too excited. They put me on my sides throughout the night stating this would help me not have to push as much as the baby does most of the work. I sure was thankful for that! I was very calm and just took it as it came. The doctor finally got there around 6 AM and they began bringing in nurses. They were worried about meconium in the lungs so there was extra staff. From there it went pretty quickly! They brought him out, put him on my chest and told Nick to take pictures! Nick talked to him a minute and then they took him away for all of the business. We then got to hold him and enjoy him for an uninterrupted hour. It was precious time. 

It was such a wonderful day and such a blessed event. God was found in every area that day. Walker Dean is just perfect to us. Happy and healthy! We spent the first day cuddling with him, talking to family and friends and just figuring things out. My parents flew up and were the first family to meet him. I could see the gleam in both of their eyes! It meant the world to me. So from this day of birth a new journey begins for both the Adams and Gray family. Walker is blessed by so many people that already love him. 

Walker Dean Gray
6:27 AM
July 21, 2015
20 inches
7.2 pounds

Mommy is already crazy

NeNe & Papa Mark
Papa Mark

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