Thursday, November 5, 2015

Monster Mash to Jingle Bells

Dancing to the Monster Mash as you hit the neighborhood with a pail made for candy seemed to make the night all too perfect. We had guests for the first part of Halloween day. Cody and Kristy spent Friday night with us so we got up to watch football on Saturday morning. Everyone had their coffee and hot chocolate and was ready for the day! What precious time as they are family to me.



Our neighbors brought over an adorable duck outfit and said Walker just had to wear it for Facebook photos! We took a few then all went to lunch! Getting ready was fun and crazy. Nick made me wear the other half of his Dumb and Dumber costume. It was so big! Needless to mention it was upper 70s outside so it was sure hot! Drawing whiskers on Walker was quite hilarious. He didn't enjoy the head of his lion costume! We headed out when everyone was ready and took the Rubios to the airport.


We went to Town Square where Town Scary was happening... it was scary, that's right... lines so loooonnnggg for one piece of candy at each place! Everyone kept stopping us admiring our costumes, but we were a bit annoyed. It was neat to people watch, but the lines and the heat just were too much for us. We decided the neighborhood was where to go!



Sad that most people don't trick or treat anymore. We decided to go to houses that were crazy decorated... and yes, we took the Halloween pail to fill with candy. We steal our child's candy... Everyone was so spirited and so much fun! There were mini haunted houses and hilarious characters at houses. We did the normal route we walk at night and even took the dog! He tried to eat people's rat decorations and annoyed people so not sure it was a good idea! We finally got back to our street where we know people. We wanted to show Walker off to our neighbors! He was good and alert for most of it... he slept through Town Scary... I would, too... We even got to meet some neighbors we never had! Everyone was so kind and just fun with their Halloween spirit.


So trick or treating is still alive a little if you do it right! We finally got back to the house to evaluate our candy stash. We sat down to watch Silence of the Lamb and Halloween 4 with our stash. Bad idea. Way too much intake of chocolate! We scared ourselves to the point of finally sleep. What a day! Christmas music was blaring in my house yesterday. Happens that fast. Boom, new season. We don't get to go anywhere Thanksgiving so let's just skip right into another spirited season! Monster Mash to Jingle Bells.

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