Thursday, October 22, 2015

All Worth It


One night as I walked down the stairs in the middle of the night I simply wondered when I would ever get sleep. Now, I have never slept well, but 13 weeks of waking up two to three times a night for extended periods of times is sure hard! It's funny because moms across the world are doing the same thing. It's just normal to us.

Walker turned three months old this week! Time flies, yet time is forever. He's doing great and learning new things each day. I notice that almost weekly on the dot there is something very new. This week he laughs out loud as well as he makes angry noises, not crying, just mad talking when he is annoyed. I'm sure he is annoyed with me a lot! The doctor said his legs were so strong as if trying to stand like a five month old! He weighs 12.5 and is 24 inches long. I bet he will be very tall! He gets bored easily which so do Nick and I... uh oh. He isn't "chill" like I hear so many moms about their babies. Nope, he likes to be in on the action! He hates naps and fights with a passion. Even on our walks he wants to stay awake and hates when his eyes start to fall closed. I love to dress him like his my little doll... which, I know I know, will go away all too soon when he starts to have his way and wear what he wants! Even Nick hates when I dress him in certain things... like polos with pink in them! I love it! I've just always loved clothes, maybe not style, but clothes in general! My mother and I had a blast shopping. I know he won't want to shop with me because he's a boy blah blah, but it's fun right now!!! And Nick won't admit it, but he likes shopping sometimes and he is actually pretty good about picking out good looking attire.

Halloween is upon us and the weather is changing. It is so nice right now. Perfect since I hate to be cold. I just cannot wait to drag the space heater down the stairs for my feedings in the middle of the night.... Halloween for me means starting to Christmas shop which is so much fun! Dad was telling me a few things they went to get that Brenda needed at Bed, Bath and Beyond and my first thought was, oh man, those would have been great Christmas gifts for her! So I must start the lists for others!!! I hear my nieces are just too old for toys (9 and 6) ha... so the oldest still atleast likes Legos! She's way too cool for Dora and Hello Kitty like I bought her seemingly just yesterday. They really all do grow so fast. I'm so excited to watch Walker in every stage. It is definitely hard, but it's all worth it. Everyone says that... but, it's true.

Another thing most moms know about are hospital bills... unless you have a water birth in your pool... well, here I go to pay another one... We have great insurance, but it doesn't stop that random bill for a pediatrician that when I call they tell me she was the doc on call and I owe like $250 for the lady walking in to check on him for five minutes the next day. Ahhh so moms never regain the sleep chip nor do they regain the zeroes behind numbers in the checking account... and moms across the world smile knowing this and thanking those that raised them with more and more appreciation each day! I'm only me because my mom and dad were and are the best people and the best parents. Dad is 61 and I'm sure wakes up in the middle of the night and wonders how his baby girl is doing and Lord knows I've taken away a few of those zeroes through the years! And guess what, it's all worth it!

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