Sunday, October 18, 2015

A West Texas Walker Visit

Walker went on his first real trip last week... and we all loved every minute! We headed to Texas on Thursday. The plane ride wasn't that bad as W cried a little, but overall did a great job! We rented a car and drove up to Lubbock on Friday for a weekend of football, friends and fun.


First flight
 We first stopped in O'Donnell to see Jodi at her school for a few minutes. W slept through the visit so he didn't entertain her much! Then we hit Lubbock and went to a boutique to meet Jana, Andrea and Shyloh. It was so good to catch up with all of them!

Andrea and Dubby
Shyloh and Dubs
We had to have some authentic Lubbock food so we headed to Chimy's where we met Karen, Sean and Guinnie along with my cousin, Sara.  

Walker and Guinevere meet for the first time
The kids just had to see where we all graduated as Red Raiders so we took a trip to the campus!!! It has really grown so it was neat to see all of the new things.


After all of this excitement we headed over to the hotel where we were staying and to meet Brandon and Sara with their girls at Rosa's for more authentic Lubbock food! The girls are so adorable and had fun with the babies.  We went to their house afterwards where the girls had a dance party for us. We stayed in a hotel room with Karen, Sean and G who is 10 months old. The babies did really well together. I was scared Walker would be crazy, but I always got to him before he started to cry. It was like a huge slumber party. 

The Texas Tech game was a blast! We met Chandra and Michael to go to Ashley's little tailgate. I was so excited for Walker to meet my lifelong best friend! He laughed and talked to her! The first part of the game wasn't as fun because it was just hot. W was mad, I was mad... so we all decided to go to the other side of the stadium in the shade up high. Best decision as the kids calmed down and we could just enjoy the game. We won by a lot so that was fun, too! 


W, Ashley, Chandra
G, Karen, Jules
Nick, Anna, Me

Julie, W, Brandon, Kendall
After the game we all went to One Guy from Italy and had some calzones! We told the guys to go out, but they decided to just make themselves at home in the lobby! Karen and I just hung out in the room with the kiddos then I took W when he was asleep out to the lobby with the boys! We also asked Karen and Sean to be godparents to our Walker. They are very special people in our lives. We are godparents to Guinevere. They are just pure, genuine nice folks. No matter the distance, we stay so close in heart. I pray we can each guide one another's kids in a daily walk with Christ.

Daddy makes him ghetto
Guinnie and her godmother

On our way to Midland to visit my parents we stopped in Lamesa to see the family. This was my little slice of Heaven. My most favorite people in the world! It was so wonderful that Walker got to meet all of them. They passed him around... they didn't care much about us, just him! We enjoyed so much the short visit just laughing and talking. Family is so important to me. 
Sara, Vanala, Molly, Robin


Donna, D'Layna and Dubs

Donna and Vanala

D'Layna, Julie, Dubby
We finally got to Midland and W got to hang out with Papa Mark and NeNe! He is more fun and smiles a lot more so it was fun to see him interact with them. I can't wait until Dad can tell him stories he makes up and just enjoy him more. I have so many fun memories of my Dad growing up. I also have great memories of my Grandaddy and get excited they can have those memories. Grandaddy and I would take walks and just talks, or he would read to me... or I remember playing in his garden with the tomatoes and him. Brenda had such a nice time laughing with him and having quality time. They are going to have a blast as he grows up! She is such an angel and I'm so glad he will have her.

Dad, Nick and I with W took a trip to Big Spring to visit everyone Monday. We stopped by the Stewarts and they got to meet their newest "family" member. Walker had a blast with Grammy, Aunt Stephanie and Papa Howard. 

Stephanie and Walker

We went to lunch then headed to the spring! The spring of Big Spring is pretty sad, but Nick wanted to see it. It was very muddy and dirty. We went to my old street, Cecilia, where I grew up and got to see some of the neighbors. We stopped at Joe and Frankie's then Jessica and Ben came over. I haven't seen the inside of my house since Dad and Brenda moved out of it a few years ago. I would love to see it, but also I love the memories in my mind of how it was. Such a special place to me. Lastly we took a drive up on Scenic Mountain so Nick could see the town. Big Spring holds a very special place in my heart. 


Jessica and W

Mrs. Nutting, one of my best guy friend, Blair's mom and a lovely family friend wanted to teach me to bake pies as a belated wedding gift. She and her husband were already having my family over for dinner so we decided to learn to bake a few pies! She taught me the art of the apple and chocolate pie. We had a nice time while I learned! I got to learn little secrets of baking! It was so neat! I truly enjoyed it. The family then joined us for dinner. The spread was beautiful and everyone had a great time just hanging out and enjoying one another. 

Mrs. Nutting

 It was now almost Tuesday, a day to leave... I wanted to hold on tight to the house and just not let go. I had such a good time and wanted to be with family and friends in West Texas! We knew it was time to get back as we had Steven and Ashley arriving in town that week. Dubby got dressed up in his new boots from Grammy Vicki and dressed in his Texas garb. He did really well with each person he met. He was never freaked out and laughed/talked to all of them! I think we all had an eventful, great time! He will be a good little traveler! Nick and I love our trips to West Texas, especially when we get to feel the air of Lubbock and just absorb being a proud Tech Alumni. My slice of Heaven as I said is always being with loved ones. We return to Texas around Christmas and count down the days! We love our land and our friends in this land, but nothing can take the place of our roots in our hearts. Walker will grow roots that extend across the states. We are blessed with such a special life.

I feel ya, I feel ya. It's hard to leave.

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