Sunday, September 27, 2015

Drinking In Love In Life


One thing people learn very quickly when they come to Las Vegas is you must drink your water. Dehydration hits you out of nowhere and you are left feeling woozy. The same thing goes for drinking in love in life.

We had an amazing weekend. Joy, Tami and Ty came in to visit little Dubs. I hold many fond memories of Joy and Tami growing up. My mother taught me many lessons using them. She taught me that a best friend is one with whom no time passes, that sometimes you cry at weddings and that Burger King croissants are best with friends during a perm. They were always just there in my life. Now that I am an adult I am so very blessed to be on the same playing field of life and get to hang out with Tami when she visits. Joy shared fun stories about Mom with me. Morbid as it sounds, Tami lost her dad at a very young age so we can talk about very serious subjects like we are talking about the weather. Most people don't understand and would think we are strange, but we understand and it's okay to talk and even joke about certain things no one else could or would. I love hearing about Mom from her friends as it makes her so human to me, not just my Mom the Hero, but my Mom the Woman. Ty is 16 and just an amazing young guy. He's so much fun and gave Nick a manly man to play with and yell at the TV together watching football!!! We all just had fun and laughed and enjoyed life. Oh, and of course, they ate up Walker! He was a ham for them!!!

We watched football and grilled outside on Saturday. That night Ty wanted to head to the Strip to the M&M Store. It's such a different world down on the Strip. People everywhere! Pandemonium! We live in a quiet, serene place so traveling a few miles seems like lifetimes away. We hit up a few stores and came back all quite exhausted. We got up Sunday and went to lunch then took the scenic tour of Red Rock Canyon. So gorgeous.

Back to the water. Joy gets very dehydrated because she probably has no clue the desert is insane creeping up on you. We basically pumped her with water! We get dehydrated all of the time and try to force down the water. I'm very bad at it. Ah in life... let's make the analogy.. Love is our air, our water, our breath. We need to swim in love every day, to jump in the deep feelings so we are surrounded with happiness. The dehydration quickly drowns us if we don't immerse ourselves in any way possible. Whether near or far, we must choose to let love in. Reach out. Let those reach in. I mentioned Mom taught me through Joy and her's friendship that what mattered most is being there when it matters. What mattered most is that no distance, no time can separate love amongst family and friends. I am thanking God each second of my life that I've carried that lesson with me each day. We live far away in a desert, but we love as if we are standing millimeters apart. We don't get dehydrated by the distance, by the time or by the world. Drink up.

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