Monday, October 19, 2015

Visit Our World


We never get tired of visitors. We landed from West Texas on Tuesday and had one day to get ready for my stepbrother and his wife on Thursday. I was so excited to get to host Steven and Ashley in Las Vegas. They have never been here and it was there 10 year anniversary! Walker and I picked them up at the airport and we came back to the house to hang out. They had a good time getting to know one another! Disclaimer: The Corn Family have three children! My lovely nieces Rylie and Saige, and my nephew Rex. I cannot wait for Walker to get to grow up with them no matter the distance! We took them to our favorite place, Lakes Lounge and then to TJ's for dessert!



Friday we woke up and shopped a little before going down to the Strip. My friend, Anna was staying with us that night so I picked her up and we all drove by the famous pawn shop in town. I dropped Steven and Ashley off so they could have a day to themselves for their anniversary celebration. Anna, Nick and I all went to eat at Hash House! Walker went, too, but he isn't big enough for their chicken pot pie quite yet! We were so full!!! We went across the street at hung out at the Tullocks. The kids were getting baptized that weekend as well as family was in town to spread ashes of loved ones so they had a bunch of people over. Anna, Nick, Walker and I joined the party and hung out. Our neighbors are all such very special people. We are very blessed. After that, we decided to get in the hot tub for a bit just for fun. We don't use our hot tub enough, that's for sure!




Saturday everyone got ready for football!!! The Texas Tech game was really early so the boys all played on the back porch watching the game. The girls just sort of hung out with Walker! I was so sad to see Steven and Ashley leave. We had such a nice time with them. They are just genuine, amazing people. They are such great role models as parents and spouses. I am truly blessed to call them family. They were excited to get back to their own kids. I told them they could take Dubby until he sleeps through the night!!! Anna got to hang out a few more hours before she flew back.


Whew, we were exhausted! We had such a great time with all of our guests!

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