Monday, January 25, 2016

Family Ski Trip


Family vacations are huge memories in Nick and I's minds. We want Walker to go on many gathering memories along the way. We took W up to Mt. Charleston this weekend so Nick could ski and I could just feel the lovely mountain air. I have always found peace in the silence of the snow.


 Nick skied all day and came to check on us every hour. It is a small ski area, very family oriented so I talked to people and just played with Dubs all day. It wasn't that exciting for me, but to see the happiness in Nick's face made it worth it. I think Walker loved the snow, too! We went to a local bed and breakfast for the night. It was a really neat thing. The people were so kind and the place was so cozy! We just watched TV and ate! Nothing fancy, but perfect for us. Walker is in some sort of phase that he awakens a few times a night. I finally got a few hours straight last night... thank God! So that was the only tough part about it! Atleast we had a great view as we were up a few times that night! He awakens chipper so I guess that's all that matters! We left right before a snowstorm hit. It would have been neat to stay if we weren't going to drive in it.

While we were playing in the snow my family attended a 60th wedding anniversary. One thing about living far away is the tough part of missing big events. Ever since I can remember I have been obsessed with family. I just love my family! I like the feeling and I love that it is just such a special thing.

Vanala & Joe Carl, Wayne & June, Donna & Bill - All married over 50 years
I am the only grandchild, but I was raised to believe cousins were the grandparents' siblings offspring, etc! That's just how I see it! I was so happy my Dad got to go and see all his favorite family members. One thing we will instill in Walker is this same love. Nick's family is close as he has four aunts with kids and grandkids, too. Brenda's family is now ours and have wrapped their arms around us. We are excited for W to get to know his cousins when we visit Oklahoma and when we get to see Alyssa's family as it is hard as they are in North Dakota. One day I would hope to live closer to grandparents, but for now we visit as often as possible so Walker gets that love and we get to see our favorite people! As I stated before, 60 years!!!! That's so very special!!! I come from a hard working, loving, special, blessed family. Nick and I both do. We are pretty blessed, not lucky, blessed!!!

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