Friday, January 29, 2016

Sing, Sister, Sing

Kids grow fast. I seem to notice something new each day. This week we've been preparing one of the rooms to become sort of a play area so we are trying to find the gates and foam flooring, etc, then you have to think of all of the safety items. Walker just turned six months old and is a little weed. At the doctor we figured out last time they went a little crazy with his height and said he was 86%... so I spent a month bragging... they think someone didn't write it down right because he is still 27 inches. He's either not growing or he's really 68%! Either way doc thinks he will be a thin giant. He eats all sorts of fun foods and is really loving his toys. He's a lot of fun to play with... and he loves cartoons! Yes, yes, "screen time" is the devil, but he loves it and I can get a few things done so it's just fine to see him light up. He doesn't watch too much, just a bit while I'm having my coffee and sometimes during the day. The other day after I got home from working out he and Nick were actually watching cartoons together! I had a nice laugh!

We've been planning our trip to Hawaii and Texas in the Spring, too! I am very, very excited!!! A little nervous to get it all ironed out, but very excited!!!

We've been having a tough time with sleep. I laugh because on Facebook life is seen in highlights. I say this because I finally posted something about our fight with sleep and other moms said theirs had the same thing! I thought I was alone! It's easy to post cute pictures and funny thoughts making it seem life is all rainbows, but babies are tough work!!! They're cute, fun and the best things in the world, but they are also the toughest human beings on the planet. Walker is demanding and stubborn, much more than Nick or I!!! I thought we were the most stubborn people ever? So this week for some reason Walker decided to go back to his crib after a month of screaming bloody murder. He reverted all the way back to his rocker and pack n' play the past month. I realized every time I woke up, he woke up! I never sleep through the night and he sensed it somehow! Now, he still wakes up every two to three hours... but atleast it's in his crib? One day... one day... Anyway, I'm sure we could still be looking at sleep training because we suck at it for lack of better words... but, for now, let's just say a big thanks to God that Walker is falling asleep earlier in his crib! I just don't know if we can let him cry it out at 3 AM... We have been letting him cry a few minutes at that time before we go in there just to see if he will roll back over and sleep. Yes yes yes, the world gives you so much advice... but, you gotta do what works best for you! For us, Walker is very stubborn. His naps are very short... maybe 45 minutes max and that is just him. The doctor told us some babies just don't and won't take two hour naps. Gosh darn. Oh well... we are taking it as it comes. We do let him scream during the day because he cries when he's bored or annoyed with us.  He's crying right now because he's tired of his toys and I'm on the computer and Nick is playing golf... As my Dad says he used to tell me, "Sing, Sister, Sing."

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