Sunday, January 15, 2017

Christmas Fun in Texas

I heard a leftover Christmas commercial on Pandora today and was very confused as to why it was on in January. Christmas seems like it was a million years ago, but it was only a few weeks ago! Within a snap of the fingers the magic is gone and we are in a new year!

We flew to Midland first on our magical Christmas vacation. Wishing for snow, we were in for some sunny days most of the holiday in Texas.

Walker is very entertained with any sort of car. The parents took all the ornaments off the tree, but he was truly more interested in the lights. He didn't seem to bother the tree too much. He did steal their sleep number bed remote and a cordless phone. He likes to walk around and talk on them, then he forgets and throws it down wherever.

Dad and Brenda set us up a surprise - a carriage ride to look at lights! These horses were huge! It was such a neat experience! Walker fell asleep so he is no fun, but we truly enjoyed it. There were some really fun houses all lit up. The workers told me the horses come down from Amish country so they are real working horses!

When we got home we sang a few Christmas songs before opening gifts. We always sang while Mom played the piano growing up. Brenda has been taking lessons so she wanted us to all sing while she played this year! This piano is my Great Aunt Kitty's from the early 1900s.

It's no secret we love gifts in my family! I love to watch others open what I give them much more than I do to receive them! This year I did a fun gift for Dad and Brenda, a book that chronicled the last 1.5 year of their life via Facebook, every status sort of thing. I thought it was a really neat gift. I think Dad's favorite gift I gave him was a basic t-shirt! We all loved to watch Walker open his gifts. His mind must explode as he gets new toys! His big gift was a a blow up house thing with bouncy balls. Yep, he loves it and those balls do go everywhere, but he thinks it's so much fun! We all had fun playing with our new toys. Never too old for toys!

We made the trek to Dallas on the 23rd. We love to drive around and look at lights in the areas where we used to live in Plano and parts of Nick's parents' neighborhood. We found a really neat house where the owners snapped a pic of all of us!

On Christmas Eve we got everyone dressed and hit church! Then we came back to celebrate with the Bennett clan. It was crazy and loud, just the way we like it. They are such a wonderful group of people and I can only hope to raise Walker to be like all of the young men in that family. After they all left we were able to open gifts with both the parents. We had a really great time, I love having both families in the same room!

Nick's mom has been making fun little gifts to sell out of old life vests from Southwest airplanes. They were just going to throw away the vests so Dianne said she could use them to make things. Walkie had a blast playing in this!

Christmas morning we got up and my folks came over for breakfast. We enjoyed our time together then they drove to Oklahoma. We then opened gifts with Nick's parents and Justin. Walker got so many crazy, loud gifts! He was in Heaven!

It's always good to get home, yet we yearn for our time not to end with family. We got back and were ready to celebrate the New Year!

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