Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Mommy is 35. I'm 18 Months.


Mommy is 35. I'm 18 months. When I was growing up my mother always captioned my Dad's birthday photos with something along these lines. So I turned 35 on January 19 and Walker turned 18 months on January 21. I am honestly amazed to say 35. That just sounds insane to me. I am still 17 in my mind. I didn't want to think about being 35, but knowing me I still want to celebrate! 

The week started with church and Disney on Ice. The Dallas Cowboys lost so we were very sad, but we were very excited to see Mickey skating on ice!!! Walker loved it!!! 



I really miss the big celebrations Nick and I always had for birthdays in Texas because we brought so many different groups of our friends together at one time. This year we did it more family style and it was just as amazing!!! I was very excited as Dad decided to come during the week (Brenda had to work so she stayed home)! We had such a wonderful time. The first night he was here we just hung out then we went to eat at Nora's, this amazing Italian eatery. I knew Walker wasn't feeling that great and, of course, the next day he had a fever and the sniffles. He had not yet had a cold!!! So his first cold comes when my Dad is here on my birthday week!!! Nick was so kind and took Dubby to the doctor for me and did all the business stuff so I could hang out with Dad. When Walker was feeling better we went to downtown Summerlin to shop and then out to dinner that night for my real birthday dinner! (Even though it was a day before)... I was sad to take Dad to the airport the next day. We had a good time sharing stories and watching TV all together. Walker is like a cat, you have to earn his love after a few days so he liked Papa Mark this visit! He even followed him up the stairs! I wish Walker had been well the entire time so Dad could see how crazy and fun he truly is all the time, but he got to see his sweet, vulnerable side this time! 

Dad wasn't thrilled about this picture and I wasn't excited that Walker's shirt is halfway up and he isn't posed perfectly, but that's also why it's so beautiful. Walker wasn't feeling well and fell asleep in Dad's lap. It's so sweet and special.

I had a great birthday! I spent most of the day texting or on the phone to amazing friends. In this world today we don't pick up the phone enough to hear the person on the other end. I spoke to almost all of my bridesmaids in life as well as many family members! It just warms the soul and makes the day even better! Being 35 and you can look at a friend and go, man, we've known one another over 30 years... that's priceless! Nick surprised me with mini bundt cakes as well as a neighbor brought me over a mini bundt cake! Thank goodness we had company to help eat them! That night Nick told me to get out and go do something fun, but I decided to just chill with Walker and him and take a walk as that was the most important thing to me. 

Our friends had me over Friday night for dinner and a movie, Nick stayed home since Walker still wasn't feeling great. Vanessa made me this really cute, yummy cake! She is vegan so it was made without any animal products and it was so great!!!

So this kid is one year and one half old. Whoa. Let's see all he's into and all he does... He loves Paw Patrol or anything with dogs for that matter. He dances to rap even though I try to make him like my music. He tells you about the cow and the lion, but those are the only animals he really knows. He loves to roar for some reason! He gives kisses and loves to kiss the IPad when Facetiming. He says "Cookie" for any dessert or even crackers. His eyes light up when he sees he cat who quickly runs away. He is obsessed with cars. He will line them up on the couch or the ottoman and play for hours. He even loves to get in our front seats of the cars in the garage and play with buttons. When he sees a car or truck out that he likes he growls, "Carrrrr." He loves pasta and Mexican food, but I have to hide veggies. He is very observant like when playing with our friends' kids he watches them for a while then jumps in for the fun. He's very outgoing and funny, yet serious when he is tired or doesn't feel well. He gets in trouble for climbing the stairs too much or trying to stand on the couch. We are enjoying this age and absorbing every minute of this firecracker.

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Anonymous said...

Julie, I loved your blog. You are a great writer and a wonderful mother. I love watching Walker growing up and spending time with both. He had a piece of my heart since the day I met him (the day you brought him home from the hospital). xoxoxo, Linda