Monday, October 26, 2009


We left Friday night to venture towards the Texas Tech vs. A&M game. The trip was sloooow and long so Nick and I entertained ourselves with music and comedy shows on the Ipod. One thing that amazes me about West Texas is something I forget quite often. The stars. Growing up sometimes I'd catch a sunset and remember I could watch it every single day. The stars would always light up the night sky. Not in Dallas. When we finally reached Sara & Brandon's house I got out and stared at the stars. It was cold so I couldn't stare long, but they were just so beautiful.

Sara & Brandon had a houseful of family and friends so I got to sleep on a lovely futon. I am such a princess at times... I should be excited just to have a pillow! We got up bright and early and ate an amazing breakfast. They wanted to get out to tailgate early so we got there before noon! I decided I wanted to Black Out the Aggies so Nick and I ventured over to the Tech store for a black t-shirt. We all threw around the football and hung out for a few hours before the game. I got to visit with one of my sorority sisters, Megan Hennigan Walterscheid as she and her bunch came over to play with us. It was so lovely to catch up with her and meet her husband.

Sara, Brandon, Vanessa, Brandon, Nick, Me & Sara's Parents


The game wasn't so great. We got killed... Nick was not happy at all. I was mad I had to stand the entire game. I grew up with a boy that plays for the Aggies, Ryan Tannehill so I was actually sort of excited for him. I remember him when he was four years old! I'm old... It was just a sad game as we just didn't play very well and the spirits were pretty down. At halftime I ventured to the concession stand to get away and ran into another sorority sister, Tara Metcalfe White. It was so wonderful to talk to her and just catch up on life yet again. We took our time knowing our men were not too thrilled up in the stands! After the game Nick and I walked a million miles back to the car and talked about the game strategy. I think I had some valid points... Football is football and there is always another game in my eyes. It's just a team and next year we may forget the scores of this year.

On our way home Sunday I was so excited to run by Snyder and see Grandmommy and Uncle Mike. My uncle was a tennis pro in Dallas the past like ummm twenty years... well, he left this summer due to the economy and is loving working in Abilene. He amazes me with his sports knowledge and his athletic ability so I love to talk to him. It drove my mother crazy because Mike can make you feel pretty dumb that he knows everything in the world about every player in the world, but it has always just amazed me. So I took Nick to meet them for the first time! We talked and just hung out for a bit at Grandmommy's house. I always love to see her. It does sadden me a bit that Nick can meet Grandmommy and Mike, but he will never know my mother even though he knows a part of her in them... It's weird. We talked about Mom and Dad growing up. Well, they met in high school.... Mike says Dad was pretty straight and narrow and Mom was perfect all of her life... I always thought Dad was a little wild! Grandmommy says Mom kept him away from the wild life... haha... I love to hear old stories!!! I could have stayed there all day.

And today it has rained all day. It's sort of peaceful actually and it doesn't bother me. I love Halloween. I love dressing up... I guess we all have to wait for that blog as it nears the weekend... Maybe the stars will be out?

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