Friday, October 30, 2009


Last night we carved pumpkins.

I spent the day with Lindsay Keene Brown and her mom in Canton Christmas shopping before carving. I got most of my shopping done!!! We had a blast!!! My arms hurt from carrying all of the heavy loads. I was so excited about all I bought for the family!!! I even got me some pickled popcorn!!!

Nick, Geoff, Rebecca and I all got our pumpkins!!! I told them how people carve a pumpkin shows your psychological state. Like Nick's pumpkin had huge features... a huge mouth and huge eyes... Meaning he likes things larger than life. Geoff and Rebecca had perfect little cut-outs meaning they like things cut and clean. Mine was a Texas Tech sign because I didn't want a normal face... but, as I stepped back I saw it was pretty small and it reminded me of my handwriting. It was neat, but there were a few imperfections. We had a really good time carving and laughing at ourselves. We made a huge mess, too!!!

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