Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

The time change is totally confusing me. I love it on one hand, but hate it on the other...

I noticed as I drove to our party last night the full moon was shining bright. It made me smile because it just seems perfect to have a full moon on Halloween! I was a ladybug this year... Not the best costume of my choice, but I had fun with it. I love to play with make-up! I put on the long eyelashes with sharpie as my eyeliner and even put dark pen through my eyebrows. My secret look was the dark make-up with blackish purple blush that I made from eye shadow.
When I got to the party at Nick's his roommate, Geoff answered the door in a huge sumo wrestler outfit! We gave candy out to the trick-or-treaters...It makes me sad these days there are just not as many! I think most parents take their kids to the churches... Nick lives in a very nice neighborhood in Plano so I thought there would be more? We had a blast laughing at the cute little costumes. Then we went to Nick's favorite neighbor, an older gentleman named Grady to trick or treat... He gave us a lot of candy and we stood there talking for a bit with him. We had a big group, but I didn't take many pictures! I mainly spent the night chit chatting with Nick's best friend growing up, Jenna and with his parents and their best friends. The boys watched football and played foosball. I always love Halloween just dressing up and being with friends. Next up... Christmas... what a transition!!!

Nick got the idea of being a tacky tourist from my friend, Stephanie Tettleton as she and her husband went as this in college... He was a hit!!!

Nick's Mom, Dianne was so proud of her pirate outfit!

Geoff's Girlfriend, Rebecca was a Wet T-Shirt winner and she was pretty embarassed the entire night and hid herself; Tony Florent is a nerd complete with toilet paper on this shoes and a Kick Me sign; Tony Cioletti wore his high school basketball outfit; Nick; Dianne; Geoff was a sumo wrestler, but his outfit hurt him so he switched to a thug

I'm not quite sure why I'm attracted to this tacky specimen!!!

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Allison said...

Haha. Love the costumes.