Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gobbles 2009

Gobble Gobble. I guess Thanksgiving is almost officially over. We will get all snug in our beds and look forward to awaken at 4 AM to hit some major sales!

I fought the Dallas traffic yesterday afternoon to make it up to Oklahoma. It took me two hours to reach the outer limits of Dallas! Insanity... My stepbrother and his wife recently bought a new home so Ashley was thrilled to cook everything for her entire family. Their house is in Henryetta, Oklahoma... about a mile South of Tulsa. It's a pretty small town, but they love it and Steven enjoys coaching in a smaller place. My nieces, Rylie and Saige are three and almost one... too much fun!

So this morning the entire family gets up ... Dad, Brenda... Ashley's parents came over... and we just hung out this morning. We took some family photos for them and just hung out with the girls.

Do you see "Fern Gully" in the background? Rylie kept this on the entire day... I saw parts of it three times.

I made my yearly Thanksgiving calls to Grandmommy, Bill & Donna, Nick's parents & grandparents, Chandra and Nick who was at his grandmother's home in Brenham. Then we all sat down to eat. What a lovely meal!!! I didn't have a bite of turkey because I hear it makes you fall asleep... but, in the end I took a nap anyway!

Anxiously awaiting dinner watching.... football, of course.

Dad & I watch Ashley make mashed potatoes so I can steer clear of the instant ones I make!

Saige, Ashley's Mom, Steven, Ashley's Stepdad... All passed out from too much turkey.

After dinner we all watched football.... alllll night. These men don't get tired of football!!! And... Now we are all winding down... Brenda, Ashley & I are going to Wal Mart at 4 AM to hit some of their bargains... I'm insane...

Most of all... Thanksgiving is about giving thanks... Pushing aside any material possessions that don't matter in the end... I am beyond thankful to God for my family above anything in this world as the Adams, Corn & Boles clan are just amazing people... Thankful for my boyfriend and his family as they are now a part of my core... and thankful for my best friends who God sends to me as angels in my life.

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Allison said...

Very cute kids! You look great as well! Sounds like you had a nice Turkey day.