Sunday, November 29, 2009

Texas Tech vs. Baylor

Saturday morning I woke up bright and early to drive back to Dallas from Oklahoma. I played with Saige a bit then went to lay in bed with Rylie before leaving... I was sad to leave! I met my Dad and Brenda at Nick's parents' to head out to the Dallas Cowboys Stadium for the Texas Tech vs. Baylor game. Nick's mom wasn't feeling well so she decided not to join us. We met up with Nick's roommate from college, Brandon and his wife Sara and their entire family to tailgate. Dad and Brenda were new to this experience. I kept getting texts and calls from people asking where I was as the entire world seemed to be there, but I had no idea where I was or where anything was so in the end I only got to see Tiffany and Jana! Two of my best friends in the entire world... so that's good, but it would've been great to see everyone else as well!

Tiffany, Craig, Me, Linda
(Dad wanted Brenda to meet Linda as she is one of my other "mothers" and has always been very special in my life and Dad sees Tiffany as a daughter as well!)

The game was a lot of fun to watch. Dad got himself nachos, a hotdog and a coke for $24!!! Those nachos better have been golden!!! Brenda and I left during the third quarter to go outside and try to find my stepbrother's brick... It says, "Football is Life. Coach Corn." We never found it! It might help if next time we get the map of its location!!! We barely won, but it was a good game atleast. I don't enjoy watching our quarterback!!! He scares me. After the game we all walked a million miles back to the car.

Nick & Jim

Once we got back to the Gray household we pigged out on any food we could find and sat around talking for a bit. It was really nice to have everyone in the same place just chatting about life. I definitely didn't want to go home. Dad told me he didn't even want me to come say goodbye in the morning... he said I had to go home and get some rest and get up for church... Now... I was so sleepy I thought church was out of the question, but even 27 year olds listen to the dads!!! So I got up, went to get Nick and we went to both Sunday School and church today!!!

You know what the main things I will remember from that game? It sounds funny to say... it isn't about football. Yes, the game was fun. Yes, the stadium is amazing. But, overall... the hugs from the people I got to see... Brandon, Sara, Sara's mother... then Linda Nolder & Tiffy... then Jana and her mom. That makes it all worthwhile. To feel the love of others at the game while enjoying time with my own loved ones. Priceless.


Laura said...

Oh girl, Potts scares me too. I bet he was super-extra scary on that big ol' screen! Glad you had such a great time. Wish we could have gone, but Aaron's mom and stepdad were still here for Thanksgiving, so we couldn't sneak up to Dallas for the game. Aaron got a last minute invite to sit in one of the box suites that are down on the field! There was only 1ticket though, and I told him if he took it, he might come home to an empty house! :)

The Galindo Family said...

why didnt you come see me???

Allison said...

I love your long hair. I wish I would have seen you at the game. Go Tech!

cristin steger said...

love the pics~