Sunday, October 18, 2009


I looked like Madonna last night. I'll leave it at that for a few paragraphs.

I am loving the Autumn air. It is so quiet and still, yet so welcoming. Friday was my day off so I spent the day at a physical, shopping for my Decades outfit and eating dinner at Nick's parents' house. I hate physicals because I am always sure he will tell me I am dying. They gave me immunizations and took my blood... my gosh... and, you know what, with my mother's bad health they already watch me for so many things! Grandmommy is kicking it in her 80s, but they sure do worry about me. My mother passed away of a heart attack at 48 so I understand following my cholesterol levels. She also had a hysterectomy at 33, pancreatitis, diverticulosis, gastrointenstinal disease... She was not blessed with the healthiest system... I never really knew because she didn't let it slow her down. I thought it was normal she couldn't eat past 5:00 or she would get sick because this is how I grew up at dinner. I feel so badly for her to have had to go through all of that at such a young age. So far I am a healthy horse... Yes, we all know I don't eat enough so I'm underweight... but, I like it that way and I am not stupid about my dieting... I jog a lot so hopefully that will help my cardiovascular levels... even though my Grandaddy Bill was in tip top shape and fell over dead after jogging his daily mile... God doesn't really weigh in on the fact we are heart healthy at times!


Nick and I got geared up in our 80s outfits for Sarah and Richard's Housewarming Party at White Rock Lake this weekend. So fun!!! I had a blast getting all dolled up. Nick threw together an outfit that was insanely perfect... I had the most fun with make up and hair! The outfits were hysterical. Their house is soooo neat... It was built in 1961 and is modern era. It has all tile flooring with weird cuts and twists throughout the house. It looks like something out of a space movie for the future. It is just really neat... and huge. Stephanie came in from Arlington so I was so happy to see her. Stephi and Cohen were my first two friends at Tech... When we get together we can chat for hours. We were all in 80s for some reason... that was the easiest decade... we figured!

Stephanie, Cohen, Julie

Chad runs 20 miles each day. Motivation or insanity?

He likes football a lot more than me.

I guess it is now time to iron. I wish I could wear my Madonna outfit to work so I didn't have to iron.
And... this is why we always take photos in the same position... We have a few more, but these are my favorites! Now... I feel like Madonna... Old like the 1980s...

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