Wednesday, January 20, 2010

28 Candles

I'm actually 28. I never imagined being 28. It seems like life flies by in a flash and I am left just scurrying trying to remember yesterday. I pulled out my old VCR and VCR tapes yesterday and watched my 10 year old birthday party. It snowed us out that year from skating and somehow luckily all my friends still came to the house. It made me smile to see Lauren, Chandra, Stephanie... all my good friends to this day. It made me smile even more to hear my mother's voice behind the camera. I was upset with myself as I knew I was somewhat of a brat, but just watching me made me want to hit Little Julie. So unappreciative and just such a little kid... maybe that's how they all are? I was cute and funny and sarcastic... Where was Sweet Julie? I wonder if she ever existed?! It was also neat to see the camera follow me around the house on a scavenger hunt. All of the memories of that house just made me smile. To be ten again... We were playing a board game on the floor laughing... Gosh...

This picture is from that birthday... You can see Lauren two people down from me on the left, Chandra behind me in glasses, Kristi on my right... I'm still friends with the others as well...

We had a birthday party for all of us from Big Spring with birthdays in January so we would not have to go to six separate birthday parties. Lauren, Tara, Hamilton, James, Me and Lance... We went to this karaoke place in the Korean district called Zeller Zone. It was the MOST fun. We had a room that could fit 25 people filled with couches, two microphones and a huge movie screen. They fed us weird Korean snacks. We had such a blast in that tiny room. We all sang and danced and just enjoyed it. I didn't get as many photos on my camera as I would like so I am still awaiting others to upload. Blair got all of us Align Centercupcakes with candles, but I don't have a good one of that one!!! Nick even got up to sing with Lauren and then with Lance! Lance and I were born next door to one another at the hospital even.

Lance, Me, Brittany... I got them together in the fifth grade. They went on to be the Quarterback and Head Cheerleader and have now been married two years. I should be a professional matchmaker.

This is my guy friend in the entire world, Cody. I have no idea why he is trying to drink a bottle of wine?

Lauren, James, Lance, Me, Tara

I think Lauren and I were trying to sing?

Lauren, Blair, Me, Nick

Cody & Kelly

Lauren & Nick singing

On my actual birthday I had the day off so I totally enjoyed it. I had a manicure then went to get my car washed and all cleaned out and worked out. Andrea put together a dinner for a few of us at Uncle Julios. It was nothing big, but I just wanted a few close friends there. Sarah, Andrea and her boyfriend, Nick, Geoff & Tony... There were a few that couldn't make it. We had such a nice time just talking and hanging out. I did have a wonderful birthday mainly thanks to my amazing friends leaving me comments and calling me and texting me. It is so funny how in today's age of technology you don't get many birthday "calls" anymore... It's all about the texts and comments! My actual calls began at 6 AM from Nick's mom... then Grandmommy, Brenda, Dad, Nick's Dad, Chandra, Tiffany Nolder Williams, Paige Hundemer and my stepsister, Alyssa... It really made me feel very special. I felt so loved all day and that truly makes a birthday special.
Sarah & Andrea

Andrea... We were laughing because we couldn't find a pose we liked!!!

I was also off today so I lounged and just made it a day to do what I want. Nick didn't have many clients today so I spent most of the day with him at his parents house as they were out of town and we were taking care of the dogs. It was fun to play "house"... sort of! We ate lunch, took the dogs for walks, played with the dogs in the yard, played on the computer, read the newspaper, watched TV... my dream life... seriously... It sounds so simple, but it was joyful.

My dad told me he was so proud I am his daughter and proud of who I am. That is the most special gift of the day turning 28. To make my parents proud... no matter what age. At 28 years old I have been through so much and I may not ever be through the fire, but thank God He is always molding me and guiding me. I say Mom had accomplished much more than me at my age by being married, owning a home, beginning the Big Spring woman's tennis team, but I think she would be proud to see who I have become and fight to be and she would know in a sense I am just as successful as she was at this young age in a different way.

Here's to another year...


Megan said...

Happy Birthday Julie! I was a brat too...we actually have a video of my mom saying to me "you are going to be embarrassed to see the way you acted when you get older" and she was right! Kids are egocentric.

HeatherVassar said...


Im so glad you had a GREAT day!! :)