Thursday, January 14, 2010

Almost 28

Somehow life gets away and I don't write. Somehow I am turning 28 next week. It's been about the birthday month already... I'll explain... First off, things have been different as I started working with another property within my same company in Las Colinas this week. It's always hard to be the new kid and learn everything new and meet everyone new, but it's also an honor to be moved around as they see you as a benefit. I just do my job and work hard and enjoy it each day.

Turning 28 has been scaring me... a lot. I don't remember ever wondering what I would be like at this age. I know we find out more and more about ourselves as we mature. I know I'm always evolving and learning more about God and learning more about my family and my friends and what I want in life. But, I don't have so many of the answers. I'm blessed beyond measure and I never, ever take things for granted. I do know I don't want to be the 40 year old with wrinkles... I want the Botox and the spray tan and the abs... yep, I do know that! I feel weird looking in the mirror and wondering if I look "old." Is 28 old? I don't think so... but, society seems to think so at times.

So the celebrations started tonight as Nick's mother cooked me a gourmet feast. I got to choose my own menu. I wanted green chile chicken, homeade mac & cheese, Granny's rolls and chocolate cake! It was so yummy! Nick and his parents both got me plates & bowls... a set of red and a set of white. I wanted just classic, beautiful plates. I gave mine to charity last week... believe me, they were not me because they had ducks upon them. I like pigs, not ducks! I inherited them from Vicki's mother when she passed away somehow. I felt so loved. My dad and Brenda cannot come down because with this changing schedule I am working four weekends in a row while I help with two properties until the beginning of February... I know my dad wishes with all of his heart he could cook for me and be here for me. We will get to celebrate the next weekend I have off and they can come this way. I always miss my Mom on my birthday, too. It's nice to have both my Dad, Brenda and the Gray family to love me so much on my day.

This upcoming Saturday Blair put together a "Big Spring" birthday party! There are seven of us from my hometown that celebrate in January (Hamilton, Emily, Lance, Lauren, Me, James & Tara)... Blair and Lauren decided they didn't want to go to seven different parties so we are having a joint party! He rented out the room for only 25 which is basically Big Spring folk and their significant other, but we are doing Korean Karaoke!!! Sooo much fun!

I told Andrea I didn't want to have a big celebration because last year was too much. I invited the world and it's hard when a lot of different groups get together. I felt like I was trying to host everything instead of just enjoy. So Andrea got a little dinner together at Uncle Julio's for next Tuesday with just Nick and I's closest couple friends. I think that will make the day just perfect. Last year Nick planned me a romantic dinner and it was so great... I'm off that day so I told him he can just entertain me all day instead of paying for a big dinner for just us!

Nick and I planned us some vacations and I'm very thrilled... We are going skiing with Tony & Katie in February in Ruidoso if all goes as planned with my schedule. They have gotten so much snow. Not cool for me because I don't get as many excuses... my knees plain "suck." I don't know if Katie skis well... I hope not! Tony and Nick can leave us and we'll enjoy hot cocoa at the lodge while they ski the blacks! And Brenda and Dad helped find Nick and I a trip to Florida in May... It's at a beautiful resort; one where Brenda has a timeshare. I'm so excited because it will be relaxing to just enjoy the beach. I can go and just stare at the water and be happy. I had a plane ticket with Southwest I could fly anywhere for free because of my mileage...I pondered it for days. My favorite place is New York... but, once you get there the shows and the entertainment and the cabs add up in money! I also didn't think Nick would enjoy Broadway? We almost went to San Diego or around there in California, but Florida just became the final choice after studying places. There are so many places I would like to go sometime... I've never been to LA... or Seattle... but, it's nice to have those vacations planned and looking towards the paradise of it all.

That's all for now. As an almost 28 year old I am going to go get my laundry out and put my new dishes in the cabinets... Man oh man... what a crazy life I lead!!!

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