Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We had the greatest Fourth of July weekend... even with the rain!!!

Saturday night we all went to Kaboomtown to watch the fireworks in Addison... They were great, but not the best... After that we met up with Mike & Norma who had come in from Tyler. I have been friends with Mike since he was the sports guy in Abilene and then in Tyler... Late and fun night!!!

Mike, Norma, Nick & Me

Dad, Brenda and Malachi came in Sunday on their way to Branson, Missouri. We met up with Nick and his family at the Teter household to watch fireworks at the Country Club. It reminded me of Ina's growing up. It was the best. We had such a wonderful time with family. Dad had a good time talking to everyone and really gets along with the Grays. He told fun stories and we all had grand laughs. The fireworks were just amazing!!! We were right under them!!! We didn't get to hang out with Jenna much because she was playing hostess, but we will see her in a few weeks! Malachi also had a good time swimming and enjoying himself! Dad and Brenda went on up to Branson to meet with Steven and my nieces and sister in law. So jealous, but I'm glad I had a little time with them! Every moment is precious with family and they were right there with me. God blesses us...

Dad & Me

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