Friday, July 2, 2010


I sat staring at the dashboard wondering if maybe I was dreaming. If I dreamt a little harder I could wake up and my car would start. My car is only two years old. How does the battery die that quickly? I calmly remembered I am a strong woman and didn't call my Dad or Brenda because I wanted to solve it myself. I quietly called the numbers needed and waited... and then I called Nick because he is good with cars. He sent his dad to bail me out of the jam. I guess I just couldn't do it myself. I gave God a lot of props for loving me and giving me help. And asking myself why I don't have jumper cables. During this time it is pouring rain... all bringing me back to my original point I wanted to make when writing... It all ties together when we feel like we are dreaming and in a pickle.

Many years ago I was driving with a friend in West Texas. The dust was so thick I could not see in front of my car. I was driving 10 mph creeping along clutching the wheel. I knew I couldn't stop on the side of the road knowing someone might hit me. I knew I could not speed up as I had no idea what was in front of me. I just stayed right there driving slowly... going... going. And this happened a few times when I was driving home from Lubbock in the pouring rain. Nowhere to go, but pray. The sandstorm that day was fierce was we trotted along in the grainy sunshine.

I flashed back to this story after that same friend is going through a sandstorm in life. It seems impossible, yet we must keep going. We cannot stop because it is simply not an option. If we do stop we could get whirled away from the journey and lose our place in the sand. Vision blurs us, but we keep going because God is there the entire time. I always feel peace in these situations knowing God is telling me somewhere it is going to be just fine. We must hold on because we have no other true choice to happiness.

I thought about that today as I quietly sat waiting. I could not go anywhere. I was stuck. Plain stuck. And I was just fine. I did feel the tears welling up at one point terrified of how much money this could cost me in the end, but then I told myself to "Man Up" because I'd be just fine. Thick sand and pouring rain can cloud our journey so many times in life, but it's all about trotting through the mud to the sunshine.

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Justin and Allison said...

This is so well written and so profound. Thanks for sharing, we definitely do have sandstorms and no we cannot stop.