Saturday, March 31, 2012

Loving It

I keep talking about Spring like I've never seen it before. I am truly enjoying it.

The last week in March is Grandmommy's anniversary, Nick and I met, and Granny Jac's anniversary. Emotional a bit. But, it was all good and I had a great week.

This week one of my best friends, Wendy came in town from Houston. She took me out for a night at Truluck's. We had such wonderful food. It was so nice to just sit and chat. We don't get to see one another much. We met when she was 20 and I was 23 when we reported together at KTAB/KRBC so we have been friends for a very long time. She lives a very lavish lifestyle going to all of the ritziest places and dating NFL and NBA players so it just makes me smile. I so don't live that life, but it's fun to hear about. She just bought a house in the suburbs so we shall see how her life changes! She has a great heart and we laugh way too much. I went home remembering why I love my friends so much. I think we all get caught up in the day to day activities and sometimes just forget to go out and enjoy life with friends.

Thursday I went to happy hour in West Village with some of my co-workers. We laughed the entire time. Such fun gals. They inspire in every way, just good, amazing, smart women. Everyone I work with is pretty beautiful and stylish so in my old age I've taken on a new style instead of just being dressed up all the time. I've become more trendy and fun with my style. I love it. Getting old isn't so bad.

That's life. Last night Nick and I celebrated his big promotion with dinner on the patio at Brickhouse. We just enjoyed and hung out. Then we went home and had a glass of wine and some Vanilla Wafers on his patio. We met four years ago this week. Weird to think. We have grown so much since then. You really do grow a lot in your 20s. Lots has changed over the years both good and bad around us. We didn't start dating until April 29th though so give us a while to get to our anniversary! I get tired of people asking when I am getting engaged. Heck if I know. We just got back on our feet after a bad year last year so while it's been a good past few months, life doesn't work like magic all of the time.

The spring is adding up in greatness. This weekend is poker night at Matt & Keilly's, next I am flying home for Easter and am SO EXCITED, then Nick's family reunion in Brenham, then a friend's birthday bash, then a charity function in Addison then that takes us into May for Nick's birthday party... golly geez... loving it. As of right now I am looking outside and it is so pretty and I am thinking of taking a jog... though I am a bit lazy! I'll think about it some more!

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