Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Sprung

Spring seems to be here once we reach March. This weekend was cold and rainy, but if I recall it seems there is always a cold and rainy time just when we think it is Spring! We celebrated Nick's brother's 30th this weekend with a limo trip out in downtown Dallas. Not my cup of tea, but it wasn't my birthday! Nick and I have things planned for every weekend until the end of April!!! I think there is one weekend free... and another I might go home!!! Other than that... wowsers... It's exciting!!! I sure do love warmer weather when it feels as if we are all hibernating bears that awaken for the fun. The koala exhibit opened at the zoo today... hey, I never have to grow up, that's my sort of fun. I would take that over a limo trip to the Ghost Bar anyday!!!

Let's talk about current events and other things.

I watched the Whitney Houston family interview with Oprah... So yes, I liked her music, but I didn't watch it for her. I find it interesting that her daughter is the same age I was when I lost my mom and Whitney was the same age Mom was when she passed away. As Oprah interviewed the daughter I found myself transported back to that time. I found her just a little girl just like me dealing with her mother's death. I remember all that she was saying and how she dealt in that first month. Yes, we live very different lives, but when it comes to a loss like that, there is not much difference no matter how much money or fame you have... or I guess that her mother was supposedly on drugs... it's still a loss of her mother to her. I had been annoyed when the press kept asking how she was blah blah blah because lots of people lose their parents at a young age. Then I realized it was just this weird feeling that I felt close to that situation and it almost made me feel it again. I remember that first night and the laughter you miss and the voices you hear of her in your head. It is very interesting to me.

I've been a member of the 30 club for a few months now. It's funny because I actually feel a little entitled and scared at the same time. As people reach this club they understand. On one hand I am proud to have survived the 20s, but on the other hand I shriek wondering if I am doing okay with my life. The strangulation of that thought of should I have 2.5 kids and a picket fence and ohmigosh now have to get that by 40. Then it hits you that you just have to enjoy the day. I see friends at my age suddenly getting divorces. My gosh, I have been to so many weddings I cannot count, but out of the 9 weddings I have been in, two have divorced already. The weddings I have been to I can think of 5 off the top of my head that have divorced. No, I'm not afraid of getting divorced, but also I am glad through the past few years I was not married with all of the insane ups and downs. If I fast forward without thinking it scares me thinking where will we find a place and how will I trust myself not to spend our money on dumb things and how will our animals live together... it gets overwhelming, but ya know what... I also know things fall in place as you go. Houses come along and things come together. Nick suddenly starts buying new furniture and ridding of old things and those worries fly away. They are dumb worries and as Dad says, he and Mom started with basically no furniture or anything. They were a lot younger, but atleast we have things to bring to a home one day. We just have to modify those things to best fit our needs. Plus, things are things. As long as you are together enjoying life it shouldn't matter. Maybe that's where some couples go wrong. They take one another for granted and cheat, or grow apart so far they don't talk about it, or just fall apart. Being in the 30 Club, left and right friends are losing grandparents. That part is just not good at all. Tough stuff for us. I went to a birthday party of my best guy friend turning 29 and the highlight of the party was the two-year olds in attendance. And people showing off their dogs on their phones. It was a blast, too. See, I find this a blast and not a night out in a limo at loud bars. Do I have an old soul or am I just smart?

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