Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Always An Adventure


Spring is flirting with us. We know it's not REALLY Spring, but wearing shorts just makes it more real to us. We are going to New Mexico this weekend so it will be cold then Hawaii in a few weeks so we like to hit all the spectrums! Valentines weekend was a lot of fun around here. We aren't into Valentines really, but Nick knows I just love love so he knows he has to do something for me! I surprised him with steak on Thursday! Then we had massages Saturday and he set us up a picnic on Sunday! We hooked W up in the bike and all headed out to the lake!

Here's the deal. I do this to him a lot. I had to get it on camera because one day he will be too big and too tall for this! Unless I lift more weights...


He's all dressed up to go to the children's library time and visit our friend. Of course, he may poop on his outfit like he did yesterday when it was all over my clothes and even in his hair. That was fun. Always carry an extra outfit.

This kid LOVES his bouncer lately. Sometimes he passes out from the fun.

NeNe made him this adorable onesie!

Breaking out the hats to combat the sun. He usually rips them right off. Doc says he can have sunscreen now so that should help!

I set him up a makeshift play area outside since it has been so nice. The only bad thing is we put it up at night because of wind and dirt... Hassle.

Let's see what else we can conjure up...

I am laughing lately at all the baby stuff I bought that we just don't use. Like the changing table... yeah right, my kid would jump right off. We always change him on the floor on a blanket! Yesterday I cleaned his crib sheet and Nick put him to bed forgetting and he was on top of the soft mattress cover. Yep, slept longer than usual! You WILL sleep on my cute crib sheets! I don't know if I need a high chair just yet because we always feed him in his walker or in his bumbo chair with an attachment. So easy to move him wherever we are! I'm sure that will change, but for now it's so easy. I keep learning things each day. I can never claim to be a good mom because I have no clue what I am doing!!! Nick was laughing so hard at me because I was carrying Walker from his bath to his bedroom on my knees... I was walking on my knees with him in my arms. I told him it was easier and he was closer to the ground so I couldn't drop him! It's always an adventure.

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