Friday, March 18, 2016

Day Two... Let's Find Poi Bread


I've been in Hawaii for over a day and I have not seen poi bread. I found the browning lotion you can only find here and pounced on a small bottle. I even saw the chocolate macadamia nuts we inhaled back in '04. But, where oh where is my POI BREAD?!!

So I'm going to try to blog and remember our days of this lifetime adventure. Nick's company gives him a month long sabbatical after five years. eBay also gives paternity leave for three months. So we are taking five weeks of this to go to Hawaii 13 days then head to Texas. We are doing this with a 7.5 month old. We know we may have lost our mind and we pray we aren't totally screwing up our son's schedule forever. We also know it's a once in a lifetime thing. Our cat and dog are in the amazing hands of our neighbors. We know we will miss them so much. We also know we may get sad away from our bed so long. But, it might all just be worth it!

Chilling on the plane

We got here to Hawaii yesterday to the town of Kailua. We are staying with Nick's aunt and uncle. Their oldest son is a pilot here and is living back with them, the daughter is in college and the youngest is in boarding school. Well, they are all here right now for Spring Break so it's been fun! Today we set out to just sightsee. We headed over to Waikiki Beach and ate at Duke's. We came in 2004 so it was neat to point out places to Nick that I remembered in that area. We were even here at St. Patricks Day just like this time! We are still pretty exhausted so after that we hit the grocery store and just came home. Aunt Charlotte had cooked a big meal for everyone so we all hung out. Walker passed out pretty early... he did great on the plane! He slept most of the way and then it was all about entertaining him. It's hard to entertain at the house without his normal toys. We actually gave him a pot and pan today and he had a pretty good time! He absolutely loves the ocean air. We went walking last night down to the beach by their house and he passed out in the Ergo carrier.

The beach behind the family home

Drinks at Duke's

Walk on the beach
Things are quite interesting in Hawaii. It's very peaceful and the people are just so kind. The food is very fresh. People ride beach cruisers everywhere. Lots of people jogging and walking. We've already walked so much! We are active folks, but today even I was a little tired of walking! It's so beautiful everywhere you go. Everything is just pure green.

I like this cool bird.

Tomorrow we plan to hit the Dole Plantation, the North Shore and some hike where you can see whales. We are doing all of the tourist attractions at first then we will chill out next week on the beach. For me it's cold! It's so warm in the sunshine, but once I am out of the sun I want my sweatshirt! We sat on the beach today for a few minutes and just enjoyed the rays. Dubs has a big floppy hat that he tries to rip off so it's hard to keep him entertained on the actual beach without an umbrella.

My search for poi bread continues tomorrow. I hear there is a bakery near where I can get it. I saw guava bread at Safeway so I'm mad at them for not stocking up my poi.

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