Saturday, March 19, 2016

Crashing Waves

I remembered Hawaii is cold. Oh, it looks like sunshine all day, but it can get cold! Today was one of those days!

We headed out to the Dole Plantation this morning. It was rainy and cold so we huddled close together! We took the cute little train around to learn about the history of the plantation. It was really neat! Of course we got some Dole whip!

We drove up to the North Shore stopping along the way. The huge waves crashed into the beach. Walker laughed and just loved the crashing waves! At one point one of those waves got up to my waist. I wasn't too thrilled about that one with the wind and clouds! We ate at a little food truck by Pipeline then walked across to look at the coral reefs.


We drove slowly pulling over when we saw a neat beach. We found Turtle Bay Resort where they filmed "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and sat on the beach for a bit there. It was still very cloudy and cold for me so we just relaxed instead of soaking up any sun rays. The beauty is just insane! We found our way to a ranch where you can take all sorts of tours. It was closing time as the tours were over, and surprisingly the perfect time to visit. All of the horses were back in the stable and the workers were out there. We talked to a few of them for a while. There are mostly male horses with only a few females! Walker absolutely loved petting the horses! He laughed the entire time. There were and are lots of movies/shows filmed out on this ranch (Jurassic Park, 50 First Dates, Hawaii 5-0) so I bet the tours are just perfect.


We were pretty beat by this time so we made our way home! One cool thing I saw throughout the day was the presence of ROOSTERS. They just roam around!!! I actually saw a man carrying a rooster through the street. At one point little chickies were following the rooster and a little girl picked it up to show it to Walker. I also saw lots of cats. Only one of them was friendly to me. One hissed and clawed me.

Hopefully the sun will make its way out to play with us! We have taken a lot of photos. I know people get tired of seeing me on their Facebook feed, but truthfully I really don't care! My memories are backed up electronically! I enjoy it so that is what matters. I text the photos to Nick's parents since they don't do Facebook and make sure my Dad and Brenda get to see all of them online. I want them to all feel as if they are here with us! Walker is enjoying his time at the house playing in the grass on a blanket and staring at the huge great danes. He is still afraid of Nick's uncle (he let him hold him for a few minutes this time before screaming), but loves Nick's aunt! I can also feel his tooth coming in! That thing has been coming in forever and I can finally feel it! He bites everything so he sure has done work for that thing! We may have to leave him in Hawaii because he is enjoying it so much.

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