Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Becoming Hawaiians

Living in Las Vegas we know what it is like to be known as locals. This is a term only given to those that live in a place of tourists. Locals get a lot of perks because they aren't trying to bank in on you as a tourist. During our time in Hawaii we became locals... locals that did a lot of tourist things! I'll let our photos explain where all we went!

There are a few things I want to remember about this special little place.

Nick's aunt and uncle welcomed us with open arms. They were so kind and we enjoyed just hanging out with them.

I thought Texans were nice. These people are so cool and so nice. Everyone is laid back and just friendly. We met so many people at the coffee shop and at the beach by their home.

People bike and walk everywhere. We didn't need a gym. We walk a lot at home, but we doubled that! When we went to church we noticed people walking and biking there.

I could look homeless and not care. No one cares at all there. Everyone is in their surfing attire. People at Target in tank tops and swim shorts ready to hit the beach is very normal.

I would go poor if we lived there. Everything is expensive. We went to "Happy Hour" and spent over $100 on four drinks and food. My gosh. I guess YOLO, but not YOLO every day for my poor wallet.

Everyone drives a Tacoma. We don't know why.

The fruit is just amazing. So fresh. 

There are roosters everywhere. On walks we saw roosters in front yards. Parking lots filled with roosters.

Here are some fun pictures of daily activities... And I notice it seems Nick is always holding Walker. This is so not true! I hold him just as much, but I take all the pictures so it's usually when Nick is holding him!

Every day this kid would chill outside on his blanket playing in the mornings. The weather was never cold so he would roll around and just enjoy every minute! Often the huge Great Danes would join us! They LOVED Dubby and were so protective. I wanted to pack them in my suitcase, but they did not fit.


The neighborhood has a private beach so this is where we spent a lot of our time. We even got to see a sunrise... part of a sunset, but that is better seen on the other side of the island. It was so peaceful. We would sit Dubby in his carrier or on a towel to play. He absolutely loved the sand and waves. 

Walker has a lot of toys, but we found his favorites include a wooden and a bowl! I believe we have that. No more toys for you...

Makapu'u Lighthouse Trail - This was such a gorgeous hike. At the top you could see the historic lighthouse then you see forever. Some see whales, but we did not see any during this hike. 

W started eating fun foods this trip. We gave him peas, carrots and all kinds of fruit. His favorite was plain shaved ice! He is having a lot of fun with two new teeth and new food adventures.

Nick worked at a local coffee shop called Muddy Waters when he spent summers in Kailua. We walked down daily for coffee or shaved ice. The resident turtle, Chuckie was so fun to feed hibiscus flowers. One night they even had live music. Everyone there was so kind! It was right next to Safeway so we made our way there for poi bread!

We got up early on Easter to watch the sunrise on the beach. It was so very peaceful. Easter church was really neat. It was very open air in the church with bright, fresh flowers everywhere! For lunch Nick's cousin was being trained by a former college quarterback and NFL quarterback, Colt Brennan. Colt joined us for lunch and it was such a treat for Nick. They talked a lot of football and I got to tell my stepbrother and make him envious because he knows of all of his feats. He was a very nice guy. The food was amazing and the Easter baskets Nick's aunt gave us were out of control with candy!!! What a lovely day!!!

Before Dubs was born Nick bought him one outfit... Nick, his uncle and cousin went golfing!

DiamondHead has beautiful views at the top. It sure was hot and a long hike, but the views might be worth it!

We enjoyed hanging out with the crazies at Waikiki the last full day.

We were so sad to leave, but ready to get to Texas to see everyone!!! We could live there in the sanity of everything. Peace and serenity. "This is how you know God is real." - Says Nick after a view from the top of our hike. Truly a blessing to be able to enjoy such a time.

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