Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ruidoso Weekend

Something like life has been going on around here. I'm getting used to this cold weather and I loathe it.

Nick and I met our friends, Tony and Katie in Ruidoso this weekend. Once we got to his parents' lodge it was totally snowed in and the snow was up to our knees! We made the boys get out and shovel... Everyone went up the mountain on Friday and I stayed behind at the lodge. I didn't feel like skiing for two days... I have old lady knees... I tried to ride the four wheeler, but the darn thing was dead... so I took a long walk and hiked up the snowy mountains and watched a lot of TV! When they finally got back we all went into town and had dinner then got ice cream and settled back into the house!!! The snow on the mountain was the best I have ever seen it... so powdery and deep... not icy. I skiied a few blacks, but mainly stuck to blues. I'm very cautious with my knee! We got to ski Apache Bowl a couple of times which is usually closed due to lack of snow. After the long day we hung out at the bar on the mountain until the traffic cleared out. We sat by the fire and talked. It was a lot of fun!

I don't like to be attacked with snow.

Nick jumping off a tall rock

I look like a yellow marshmallow


We were very tired when we flew back in, but we went directly over to our friends' Ashton and Donna's house for their Superbowl party. Donna and I fed the guys all of our goodies and mainly enjoyed the commercials. So now it's back to real life. The weekends are filled with activities. This weekend has a birthday party, dinner with Nick's clients and maybe Valentines Day... Nick is sort of anti- Valentine's because it's a Hallmark holiday. He knows I still better get something. Then next weekend Dad and Brenda come to visit!!!! And somewhere down the line I have seven Save the Dates for weddings on my fridge... Hmmm....??? Not sure I will make all of them. Throw in some baby showers and trying to help plan the Class of 2000 Reunion... Fun fun never stops.

My friend, Lindsey started radiation today for Stage 3 breast cancer. She has no idea how she is impacting our lives. I read her blogs giving all the glory to God... and then I reflect upon myself and realize how I don't give Him the glory even in the smallest obstacles. It has helped with my walk. God is always working on me and molding me. Lindsey doesn't care what medicine says about her diagnosis. Her genes are genetically mutated to resist chemo, but she doesn't care. Somehow she is just flying through this... It's all God. It's still hard though. Beneath the warrior is always a child.

And... as we go into February... We all know it's Mom's month. Damn February 26. I just hate it. Someone on Oprah says the date should not rule the day. Nah... it doesn't... I still hate it. Nine years. It's about now just sharing it and living through the fire. And thinking like Lindsey. Thank God because maybe I can change the world through my strife? Who knows? I want to fight against heart disease. Stupid thing took her. So February isn't as hard as it once was, but it's still not my favorite month.

There ya go. And I've been sick for a week. It's an okay diet, but my nose might fall off soon. That's life.

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