Friday, February 12, 2010


Snow is magical. There is something about it that transcends us from adults into children as we roll and play. I was off yesterday as it began to snow. I didn’t believe Nick when he told me the snow was sticking to the ground. I had to go to the dentist so I wasn’t too thrilled about spending some of my magical day in the chair… we shall get to that next.

I have loved going to the dentist since I was tiny. I have had braces and retainers since I was eight years old. I’m accustomed to making my smile perfect… hey, it’s large… I hadn’t been in a long time so I was ready for the new adventure. I got some whitening trays… though happily she told me I already had really white teeth. Duh… I work hard at it. The dentist told me I needed a deep clean… grrr… $150 later… He numbed up my mouth and dug deep into my gums. I didn’t inherit great teeth. Dad and Grandaddy both have fake teeth. Mom and I always had bleeding gums. That’s why I love the dentist. They help my huge smile be bright.

So after a nap through the beautiful snow… I headed to Nick’s to play. Nick, Geoff, Tony & I all played hard rolling and throwing the football and tackling one another. I did make the mistake of hitting Nick in the eye with a hard ball… oops… he wasn’t happy about that one. Geoff and I’s snowman wasn’t so pretty… He was short, but wide. We got tired of him collapsing so we gave up and stuck some charcoal on his face and spray painted him some clothes. Geoff was artistic because he grew up in Ohio and thinks snowmen are art. Tony and Nick made this perfect snowman complete with goggles, a hat, arms and spray painted clothing. Well, he was too tall… he fell over J… Made me smile that we “beat” them.

Somehow I drove home in the slush at 20 mph. It was a long drive, but I made it. I didn’t want to see the magical day end… The snow is now slowly melting and the magic is rushing away. I’m just so glad we got to have it for atleast one day. I just kept flipping back to a home video my Mom took of me and Cody in high school playing and making snow angels. We were laughing and running around the yard. That magic just floated with me throughout the entire day.

Nick's House

Uh Oh. The snow collapsed Nick's tree branch

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