Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ruidoso Bound

Guess where I am going this weekend?

Nick, Tony, Katie and I are going up to Nick's parents' lodge in Ruidoso for a weekend getaway. I'm not an insane skiier like the three of them so I might just chill out one day and shop in town while they ski the black diamonds of the world. I'm not so swift in my cool ACL brace. I am pretty good at blues and I can hang, but I don't feel like breaking my leg. I like to blade so Katie is bringing her blades for me to use!!! The lodge is in this really great area with elk and all kinds of wild animals! I love Ruidoso... We have gone there since I was four years old. It's the perfect size and the town is adorable.
Picabo Street. Signing out.

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