Monday, May 31, 2010

Stars and Stripes

I'm so tired that I'm not sure I can make any sense... Today rounds up a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. I love sunshine and the rays made me quite happy this weekend. Tony and Mike came down so we could go on the boat all weekend... The first day the boys, Jana, Brittney, Blake & Melissa all hopped on... We had a blast jetting around all day. Jana, Britt and I chilled in the party cove area for quite a while then we all took turns skiing and kneeboarding. It was just such a wonderful time on the lake.

Sunday Sarah Cohen and I waited on the dock for about an hour... while we waited for the guys we were watching the firemen all around a young girl on a boat who has popped her hip out of place while tubing. She was screaming a lot... they gave her a shot to get her on the stretcher. Why were we waiting an hour? Finally got a call from Nick at the pier there was something wrong with the boat... Poor Cohen was so excited with her two wakeboards in hand.... So our day was not to be on the lake. Cohen and I decided we'd still make the most of it so we went to The Village pool party. It felt like we were at Spring Break. It was so crowded with fun music and dancing. We met up with two of Cohen's friends and hung with them the rest of the night just enjoying life at the pool.

So this morning I crammed a lot of sunshine in the day to make up for yesterday! I chilled at Nick's brother's pool and swam around with him for a while then picked Nick up and we went to Sarah (Cohen) and Richard's house. They have this house in the back of their main house called the Man Cave! It was so much fun! Their house is so modern and neat... I just love it... I am not that "modern" with my design... Their art is all strange and abstract and the floors are all tiled... It's a metro house built in the 60s... so Cohen. We watched TV and ate brisket over there until night... Too much fun!!!

I don't have any pictures because I am bad. I left my camera and we never took Jana's out for some reason.

I'm not too exciting, but I'm pretty sleepy! Since it's Memorial Day I must give props to my veterans. I am very proud that one of my grandfathers was a decorated war hero with a Bronze Star and two purple hearts. He was a true hero of WWII and he was so very proud of it. My other grandfather was a hero of the Navy in WWII. The troops are such brave people to leave their families and fight for our country. So much of the time I take for granted the stars and stripes, but they truly respect what we stand for and they know why our ancestors fought for our freedom. The job they do and the people they are should touch us Americans on a daily basis. My grandfathers raised my mom and dad to be the type of people that come from such a hero... They raised them with morals and beliefs they learned while in training to be men... this will reach into each generation. I am in utter amazement at what the men and women in our military today and yesterday do for our country while I sit back enjoying time at the lake and swimming in the bright sunshine. Now... that is what Memorial Day is about... I sometimes forget it isn't that bright sunshine, but it's about honor, pride and the stars and stripes of our American soldiers.

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