Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sunshine Update

So much is going on in the world that each little thing doesn't seem quite important to write about so I am here to shuffle it all into an update.

Life has been pretty neato lately. Nothing insane. Just the same.

Nick and I are flying to Florida this weekend for a little vacation! We are so excited! We don't really have plans... We will just go and figure it out along the way. I just want to enjoy the beach mainly. Stick me on a beach and I am happy as a lark!!! If it rains we will enjoy our time inside and shop!!!

Chandra is giving birth to my "niece" Landry Michelle tomorrow!!! She is so excited and I am just elated for she and Michael. More to come on that... I am quite sure!

Today is ten years since I graduated high school. Wow. I could write an entire blog on this one. Life in ten years is just insane. We go through so much in that time. We just grow up so much. But, that day seriously seems like yesterday. I can remember so many details of it! My Dad wrote me an e-mail that day telling me to look around at my class because after Graduation you become sand in the wind. He was correct. I am close to my best friends, of course, but so many just blow to so many different places on different journeys.

We are working on our Memorial Day plans. Nick thinks so many people want to go out on the boat he will have to split it into three days of boatdom. Okay... fine with me! He has even rationed who I can and cannot invite... because if you put it in my hands I invite the entire world trying to be kind! Then for June the weekends I do not work are already booked...

I am flying home June 11th... I haven't been to West Texas since Christmas. I am desperately homesick. Seriously. I am going to rent a car and drive over to Big Spring to visit Chandra and the new baby, see a few old friends and visit the cemetery. My dreams about Sarah must need closure. I need to see it and know she is gone in order to maybe... just maybe... stop the nightmares. And visit Mom's grave. I hate not going to West Texas for long periods of time! Nick is being serious about us possibly moving to Lubbock in a year or two. I think I'm on board totally.

Then the next weekend we are floating the river in New Braunfels. I am missing my family reunion for it. That makes me a little sick, but I have done the pros and cons over and over again. I was truly happy on the last river trip and I liked that feeling. Being with my extended family at the reunion is a feeling of total love, but I'm stuck in the middle of the teenagers and the old people so it's also strange at times.

We will round it out with a big trip to Horseshoe Bay for Blair and Lauren's wedding. I'm reading it so I'm excited... but, more excited to see two of my friends since childhood get married!!!

There is my update. Nothing crazy. Just happy for the sunshine!

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