Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Wedding Weekend

May 1 held a lot of activity. Chandra's baby shower. Lauren's couples shower. Nick's birthday. Keilly's wedding. Paige's wedding. No, I didn't attend all of them. I did make it to the two weddings. Surprise surprise. It's me. Professional wedding attendee.

I was in Paige & Danny's house party so I had to be there before the other weddings... This wedding was in Coppell... I got there to find my beautiful baby girl, Paige standing in the room. She looked radiant and perfect. I met Paige when she was a little seventeen year old freshman at Texas Tech when she joined KD. She has always been my little sister. I got to greet with another sorority sister, Stephanie Sinclair Tate. We had a really nice time. I got to see one of my favorite people in the world, Jessica Grogean... Then... after the ceremony... I was flying off to another wedding in Flower Mound.

I missed Keilly & Matt's actual wedding, but I made it for the party! Nick was in the wedding so he got to do all of those activities. It was so beautiful and huge... Nick's parents were there, many of our friends as well as many of my younger KD sisters that are close to Keilly. They were all a lot wilder than me in college, but they were and are always so much fun! Janay and I were always pretty close though... I got to hang out with her and her baby boy, Knox for a lot of the night. I hav etold the story before, but Nick and I sat Keilly and Matt up in a way... He met her through my Facebook! I never thought she'd fall for it and I told him she would think he was a crazy stalker, but he knew from the moment they began to talk that she was perfect for him! It was so wonderful and such an amazing night!!!

Presenting Mrs. Paige Maher and her hubby, Danny

Presenting Mrs. Keilly Milantoni and her hubby, Matthew

Keilly Shelton & Matt Milantoni the night before they are united! We had the rehearsal dinner at Ferraris in Grapevine. It was so nice and such amazing food!!!

Rehearsal Dinner. Blake, Kelsey, Daniel, Jon, Nick & Josh

Janay and Knox. Janay and I were good friends in college... this girl is an amazing mother and sweet young lady!!!

KD Ladies at the wedding: Corrina Salazar, Megan Sturdivant, Katey Voelkel, Kendal Cram, Janay Gaddy & her son, Knox, Felicity Judd & Cassie Cone

Our present to the Milantonis: Texas Rustic Metal Art made and designed this for Matt & Keilly!!!

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You look beautiful in the pink, Julie!