Thursday, April 29, 2010

Two Years

I don't have time to write much... Tonight Nick and I celebrated two years. We went to Mi Cocina and sat in the wind then I surprised him by taking him to Paciugo for ice cream. I cannot even begin to express what I have learned about myself and about life in the past two years. We have been through a lot of growing up as I have said many times before. In the first year we were together I lost two grandmothers, he lost two grandfathers, we both lost and gained jobs... my gosh... come on... Jesus sure did test that strength. I thought after two years life would suddenly click because it did with my parents. I thought you dated two years then got married... Not truly... It is all depending on the couple. Nick and I have a few more things to accomplish... Knowing me I would get married tomorrow, but knowing my heart and the world... that isn't possible! I had one or two serious boyfriends... oh if even that... I always dated and dated... but, never let anyone into my heart. Nick did the same thing... so to have one another is just fine for now. We move like turtles. So much of the past two years was about God. God had such a hand in all of it. We are always growing and changing for the better thanks to God. For Nick and I we need to always work to put God first in our relationship. We have a church we enjoy, but we aren't sure if it is really home and this is something I do want to focus on because it's so important. Wow... a toast to this journey... I wrote two years ago about taking chances and I was jumping in head first. I was scared to death and I cried so many nights at first so scared he would break my heart like the ones before. I decided to stop living so scared because it was better to let the heart love. Sometimes love is painful as we all know... Love of any kind... in families... with friends... but, it is also the best feeling in the entire world to know there are those out there that truly love us. I took a chance and guess what... here we are... Thanks to God.


Di said...

My sweet Julie, I just am so happy for the both of you. I still remember you telling me about you and Nick's first date, and man to see you guys grow closer and learn so much has for sure been inspirational. I admire the self awareness you both have, and how among the pressures of marriage all around you, you guys are just being yourselves and doing whats best for you and not "jumping on the bandwagon."

Anonymous said...

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