Monday, April 12, 2010

Brenham Bluebonnets

We spent the weekend in Brenham at Nick's family reunion. It was so beautiful in the hill country. Nick's cousin, Erin, me and Nick all spent the night down at the "haunted house." The house is not really haunted... It is historic and rickety... beautiful inside. It has these dimensions and rooms filled with twin beds from the 1920s. It is a little scary upstairs, but so much fun. We all slept in the same room downstairs! This home has a wraparound porch and a pond right beside it... I loved it.

We got up early Saturday morning to begin the festivities. Nick's mother has three sisters. One lives in Hawaii, one lives in Colorado and one lives in Houston. They are so funny in the same room. Ruthie is the youngest and very serious. Carrie is hilarious and always cracking a joke. Annette is quiet and sweet. Dianne is very smart and nice. Their mother, Merle... we call her Granny... is a spitfire. She makes me laugh. She is feisty as all get out and tells it like it is. Everyone came together and we all just hung out and ate way too much. I got to listen to old stories and hang out with the seven labradors everyone brought!!! Nick, Renee, Erin and I took the dogs for a walk down the long road... It was so beautiful. The bluebonnets and wildflowers are everywhere!

Dianne, Erin and I headed into Chapel Hill for the Bluebonnet Festival. It was a really neat little arts n' crafts festival. We roamed around and found some cute things. Then we headed back for the night. Nick and I planned to go to Houston that night to meet up with friends, but we all got to talking and we didn't want to leave... I love family outings... Of course, I love every minute with my own family... but, in a sense I felt a part of their family as well! They made me feel very welcome. I love hearing old stories of people growing up and sitting talking to Granny about her days growing up. All of my grandparents are from West Texas where they lived on farms. Granny is from Houston and never milked a cow until she was 55 years old. I guess again it's back to the real world!!!

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The Q. Family said...

BEAUTIFUL bluebonnet pictures!!! You look gorgeous!