Sunday, April 18, 2010


It is 4 AM. You wonder why I am up at this time? I have been coughing and feel so horrible I cannot sleep. The pollen has been driving me mad for a few weeks, but this is insane. Growing up I took three allergy shots every week. It is that bad. And now I cannot sleep! The doctor gave me some samples, but I don't feel like they work. Shoot me.

I had such a wonderful night. Jana invited me to have a girls night with her friends from high school. I've known them from visiting during the holidays and such coming to Dallas during college. Brittney is so sweet and she travels the world working so I love her stories. Sandy was a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and is married to a Christian music director and they have two children. She is quiet and good natured. Jordan is tall and thin and talks 90 miles a minute. She is amazing. We all brought food and just sat around and talked and ate way too much. I love nights like that. Being with good people is wonderful medicine for the heart at all times.

I've felt so weird this weekend... Get this... Dad and Brenda went to Oklahoma to celebrate Saige's first birthday and I am working so I cannot go. Nick's parents went to Ruidoso for the weekend. Nick left for Vegas for Matt's bachelor party. These are the closest people in my life so it's weird to have them places all at once while I am just "here." I wanted so badly to see my Dad because my weekends are so booked until June... Nick is having a really good time with the boys. He told me he wouldn't call me... he should know better... but, he has called when he was laying by the pool and in the gift shop. I just called him at 3:45 AM because I knew they'd be out. I spoke to Geoff and I think they were in a casino? Sounded like a good time! Friday night I had to dogsit Nick's parents' dogs so I rented me a movie and just had me a night to myself. I hadn't done that in forever. It felt pretty good!

Next weekend Andrea and Nick are celebrating their birthdays with a party barge. I'm so excited and ready for some sunshine! If it stops raining!!!... Maybe the rain will take away the pollen?

I'm going to get back in bed and make myself fall asleep!!!

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