Sunday, April 25, 2010

Nick & Andrea's Birthday Barge

Last weekend we celebrated Nick and Andrea's birthday with a party barge on Lake Lewisville. It was such a blast. We just all got on the boat and they take you in the middle of the lake and anchor it. We had some people that swam... they were insane... I mainly just hung out with everyone and we danced a bit. We have such fun friends and I am so happy we could all get together. After the party Nick, his friends from Houston, Jana, Britt and I all went to Sneaky Pete's to hang out. I love that place right on the lake. It is such a glorious time of year!!!

Next up... Well... in two days is Nick & I's two year anniversary... He took me to Patrizio's for Italian today... yummo spinach ravioli! He greeted me with freshly cut roses from his garden. Two years!!! Wow... It's been a journey.

And next up... this weekend I am in TWO weddings... sort of. I will first go to Paige Hundemer & Danny Maher's wedding to be a greeter... Then once the ceremony is over I will fly down the road to Keilly Shelton & Matt Milantoni's wedding as Nick is a groomsman and I think I am sort of in the house party, but not officially... Then we will play there all night... I'm really excited about it. I LOVE WEDDINGS!!!

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