Saturday, February 19, 2011

An angel, a lady full of wisdom or a lady full of wine

God says sometimes we entertain angels without realizing it. I'm not sure if I entertained an angel, a lady full of wisdom or a lady full of wine... but, I had an interesting encounter last night. Jordan, Stacy and I were enjoying our conversation last night at Happy Hour when a lady asked if she could interrupt. She was extremely kind as she approached us. We were talking about the professional world and our hopes for it. At our age it's strange because none of us have kids and we can do whatever we want in the world... go wherever we want... but, where do we want to go? She was telling us we needed to ask ourselves what we truly love to do. She said it is very hard. I always ask myself this question. If I could do anything... I would write. Now... making money at writing is almost impossible, but I love to write. She then just spoke directly to me and asked me what I like to do. I shyed away and told her I love to write, be with friends and talk to people. She asked why I was shy. She then told us it was so easy to give compliments and give advice because we are in control. When we receive we lost that control. I nodded my head. She explained that when she walked outside God told her to talk to me. She said eyes are the windows to the soul and she sees something very special about me. I was beginning to wonder if I was in a dream. She was not crazy... She was very normal... The weirdest thing is that I truly needed to hear that. She saw something in me. I know God has plans for me as he has plans for all of us, but it's complicated at times. Nick keeps telling me to remember blind faith. Wasn't I the one who wrote the poem about blind faith? Don't I need to remember my own words? Anyway, she ended up hugging each of us and walking back inside. I don't know if she was an angel, but it was such an interesting thing. People are just neat... I mean, she came up to three strangers and just spoke to us and spoke openly about God and she had no idea we were Christian. She also spoke to Jordan about a sermon at church (the thing I mentioned before about giving and receiving) and strangely Jordan had been talking earlier about thinking she was going to back to that church after she heard the same sermon! The lady had no idea we had been talking about that before! God is always working. Even when we cannot seem to hear him. I keep asking Him just to talk to me and asking if maybe He is angry with me? Maybe this was His way of talking to me.

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