Wednesday, February 2, 2011


We were driving home one Christmas Eve as our truck was having trouble staying on the road. The road beneath the tires was an ice skating rink. My mother was afraid and said, "Joe Mark, watch the road!" We made it home somehow that night.

I don't remember many true ice storms. We all love snow, but ice is another story. The entire Metroplex has been iced in. I literally was inside all day yesterday just staring at the outside of the window. Today I had to go do some extra computer work at Nick's parents' house so I made the trek across town... well... five miles. I was scared to death. There was no snow. Just ice. I slowly crept and made it there. I don't understand how people in the North deal with this every single day.

One thing I enjoy about the snow and ice is the quiet. I once was tired skiing and I sat in the snow. I looked around at the tall trees and listened. I could hear God in that moment. It was eerily quiet. The snow quietly whisked through the trees. It was just pure Heaven in that moment.

Ice makes me think of our strength. I come from a line of strong women. I don't know much about Grandmommy's ancestors, but I know Adams women are made of ice. When I say we are made of ice I do mean we melt at times and I do mean we are full of strength, but I don't mean we are icy hearted. My mother always fought for what she believed in. She fought for me. My Dad's family is full of amazing women. I look at times when things are tough and I try to remember that. My mother passed away ten years ago this month. I look back in awe that I have even made it this far without her. I have noticed in the past few years when we face obstacles my Dad and I both are quiet and calm. Like ice we walk forward and we just await the sunshine.

We all melt because it's just a scientific fact that ice must melt after a certain temperature is reached. Our hearts don't have to stay icy, but our strength attaches the remnants of the icicles and helps us grow as people. So they say in the next few days the sunshine will melt the skating rinks that have claimed the streets. They say God knows when to make the sun shine at the perfect time to melt away our stress.

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