Saturday, February 12, 2011

An English Lesson

I'm a West Texas girl. I live in Dallas, but my roots will always be in West Texas. I say this as a precursor to the new things I have learned this weekend regarding different cultures.

Nick and I came to Houston to see Tony & Katie's new house. Katie's dad is in town this week from England. I have told a few stories about how much I enjoy learning Katie's roots. Katie's dad, Gordon has taught me so many neat things in the past two days. It's also very interesting to me how people that aren't in the US or in Texas don't understand us. Gordon wonders why there are so many pick up trucks. Why don't we love soccer as much as them? Why do Americans love baseball? Mr. Moore tells me stories about eating with Charles and Camilla at Buckingham Palace and how his stepson was served tea by Prince William because he was a higher authority than William in his position. He shared a girlfriend at one time with one of the Rolling Stones. I was just rolling in learning all of these things. I was saying how I would hate to live too far from my family and he tells me he has kids in Houston, France, England and Australia. They basically live off of Skype and talk via video chat. It is just so neat.

Mr. Moore told me I have the thickest American accent he has ever heard and it is often hard to understand me. I told him what is funny is that when I did television news I could make my accent disappear by speaking low and in intervals. I did my TV voice for him!

Other than my English lesson... We have been enjoying our time in many ways. We are attending the Mavs vs. Rockets game tonight as Tony is a Rockets fan and Nick is a Mavs fan. We got to meet all of their new neighbors while we were out barbecuing in the backyard.

I smile in the fact I am a proud West Texan. No matter where I live I will always hold those roots close to my heart... and even enjoy the accent!

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