Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Magical Snowman

We were able to venture out into the world this weekend after being iced in all week. I love the snow, but the ice seemed impossible. On Friday when the snow finally fell upon the ice I knew Nick wouldn't be going into work so he would just have to play with me. I went over to his parents' house because he couldn't get to his house in Plano either and we enjoyed the day. We took the dogs on a walk through the icy streets as I fell a few times! Shiner loved the snow so much that he begged us not to go back inside. We decided not to make a snowman because I found out last year it is lot harder than it seems! We played and threw the football and tackled one another. I watched some children down the street and I felt the smile spreading across my face. As a child it's so fun to have those days of snow when all you care about in the world is making that snowman. It's another realm of magic. Even as adults it's the same feeling.

It's funny how God works. I always think of February as Valentines Day and Mom's anniversary of her death. This month has already been a whirlwind of new beginnings and exciting adventures. God brought the snow and the Superbowl and life in itself and I don't seem to focus on those other things. We did miss Andy Pettitte speaking at church this week because of the Superbowl though... Better get that back on track! Seriously... Dallas held the Superbowl here so I volunteered to work for Nick's company, StubHub... It was spectacular and a lot of fun. We got to meet some of the athletes and enjoy time with all of the employees. At the end of the day we were all zonkered out, but it was a good time had by all.

Back to the snow day... We decided that night to go out to Matt & Keilly's house and have dinner, play board games, etc... We took their dogs to the playground and Keilly & I both found we were getting too cold so left the boys to play football in the snow and came back to the cozy house. We played a game of Loaded Questions when they got back in and just had a ball. I'm quite competitive so I'm not sure Nick enjoys playing against me.

Snow is in the forecast again tomorrow. I think God is smiling down on us! Snow brings a world of magic even if it only lasts for a day. For that one day we forget our cares and we are like children just racing to build that snowman and make that snow angel.

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