Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Genie God

I think God wanted me to read last night. So I get home from Nick's house pretty late about 11 PM and I hadn't been home for much longer than ten minutes yesterday so I needed some playtime on the computer. I notice my lights are not blinking... hmm... I check my television and it isn't working either. I call up Time Warner asking myself a million times if I paid my bill... I know I did. So I get the lady on the phone and she cannot find a thing wrong with it. No outages. No connection problems. Yes, I paid my bill. So I sit in the quiet and decide God must want to talk to me. I find it strange the lady can find no problems whatsoever, but my cable is blacked out. I read "The Purpose Driven Life" for the millionth time for about thirty minutes before falling asleep.

It's weird how God gets our attention. I don't understand Him... This week after Nick's tough time he's been going through he had about just given up on God and prayer... So he told me he had started praying and wanted God to fix his truck... he had some problems with is Tacoma... I told him I didn't think we could test God by bargaining like that. I cannot say, "I want a steak tonight, God. Fix it." Today his prayers fell apart as the truck is basically going to cost $4,000 to fix... He was devastated. And... I don't know how it is going to get better, but I do know God has a reason. That reason may be the fact he just wants us to realize He isn't a genie. Or maybe Nick is going to be receiving some totally random blessing out of all of this. One thing I realized last weekend while sitting in church next to our friends... Out of the year I spent in Hell working at a place I loathed I did gain a few things... I gained many friends and I gained knowledge and grew as a person... but, one thing... it lead me to a client meeting which lead me to try out a church which lead me to find a wonderful family in that client of which I can look to for what I want in my own family which also lead me to finding a wonderful church. So if that is all I ever got out of it even... God knew what He was doing...

We want to make him a genie. We want to come home and play on the computer because that is what we want to do... I want to read my Bible, but on the other hand I put it away to read another day... So in those times God just turns off all of the fun and makes me remember He is actually a genie and He may not grant my wishes, but He will listen and guide me on this carpet ride.

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