Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

It's Memorial Day. I've never been entirely too sure about Memorial Day. I think it's about fallen veterans. When I was in news I covered the events on this day and always met some really neat vets. The weekend is now gone and I seriously feel like it was years ago that it was Friday... I worked during the days this weekend, but I know at night I had some fun as well! Friday I took care of Hayley's dog, Chica Jo while she was at Horseshoe Bay then I went to Nick's and the boys were watching the Lakers. Then Saturday after work... what did I do?! I guess I should rewind... It was actually Friday we went out for Tony's birthday at Duke's. It was nice to sit on the patio and hang out. We didn't stay out too late, but it was a good time among friends. I was the only girl so I got a little bored though. Ashton's girlfriend is moving here after her Masters this summer and I am so EXCITED!!! Nick's roommates need girlfriends... I need to help them... Jana was in town, but I didn't get to see her and the other girls because they went out in Uptown each night and I had to work too early to go to Uptown.

Sunday night the Grays had a bunch of folks over for an old fashioned Memorial Day dinner. It was so much fun. I sat out on the patio with them and their friends while the guys watched basketball inside.... Justin's girlfriend, Crystal was there as well so we had a great time. We all took the four dogs for a walk. I was in charge of the old old old golden retriever of the Grays, BJ... BJ is very slow... then we had two labs and a Yorkie... too much fun and chaos.

Today my stepbrother and his family came through town... Nick and I met them at Olive Garden... I hadn't gotten to meet my new niece, Saige! She is four weeks old... she slept most of the time, but she has beautiful blue eyes and dark hair. Rylie is three and is very funny. She kept asking me to draw her a possum... no idea why she likes possums right now except there is one terrorizing her house and Steven wants to shoot it... so I would draw it over and over and she would say, "No! That's a pig." "No, that's a horse!" I guess I am not good at drawing possums. Steven and Nick had a good time talking sports. I went to the other side of the table and hung out with Ashley and the girls so they could talk their mumbo jumbo about things I just don't understand. I don't care how well Blake Griffen will do in the NBA! It was sad to see them go. I love time with family. They are such a precious family and it is wonderful to absorb every minute with them.

After lunch Nick's parents came over and we planted trees and flowers. I even got to do some digging! It was so much fun to dig into the ground... but, ouch... it was painful. I couldn't be a gravedigger. There were earthworms in the ground... I ate an earthworm at age four... I told everyone that story... I'm cool.

It doesn't seem real to be going back to work.... even though I worked the entire weekend! I'm always excited for a new week as new things flow in and we must attack... but, wow... can't we just move work outside?! Can I get a tan while working?!! Ahhhh... I need a boat... Buy me a boat... That is the only thing that might ... just might... have made the weekend a little more perfect.

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