Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pig's Dinner?

It feels like Friday was a million days ago. It's been a fun weekend. The Foundation for Fighting Blindness VisionWalk was held at White Rock Lake on Saturday. Gushing rain... no problem. Nick and I met his entire family early in the morning to walk. I laughed the entire 5k because it was just a funny memory. At first we were all trying to walk under umbrellas, but after a while I just stepped out and let the rain run down my face and ruin my hair! The Walk raised the most of any VisionWalk in Texas....

Nick, Me, Crystal and Nick's brother Justin

After it we were exhausted and went to have a nice Mexican dinner! We were so cold and all parts of our clothing were soaked with rain. Saturday night to reward ourselves Nick and I wanted Henry's Ice Cream. It is a famous ice cream place in Plano that is just amazing... We remembered seeing something called a Pig's Dinner... something like five scoops with five toppings for 6.99... We thought it would be smart to share. Well, Nick's roommates decided to try to eat one themselves. It was hilarious... Nick and I couldn't even finish ours, but both these boys... who are 6'4 and 6'8 scarfed theirs right up!

This morning we went to All Saints Catholic and then I donated blood at their blood drive. I always like to donate when I get a chance. After church it was such a beautiful day outside that Nick, Geoff and I went to the putt putt golf course. I scored two holes in one!!! Whoa!!! And... tonight... I was in front of my television yet again for season finales. I love them! I guess I will actually have to be social once there is no more prime time television!!!

I'm excited to get back to work. I always like to see what awaits me on Monday morning! Oh ... the Dane Cook Special is on DVR... guess we know what I'll be doing until bedtime...

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