Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Jump In!

I actually enjoy the fact that my face is a little sunburned. No, I don't want skin cancer, but I like that feeling of being sun drained. On my day off today I was able to play tennis, walk through the park, grocery shop, catch up on some TV, take a nap and get my hair highlighted. I didn't have anyone to play tennis with so I just hit against a wall at a local park. I have always loved doing this as it just releases stress. It also reminds me that tennis runs through my veins. I forget... Why again did I play basketball when I could have been a tennis star? My uncle is a tennis professional in Dallas, my grandfather was a tennis coach and my mother was a tennis coach... the apple hit me in the head. I slammed the ball a few times with pretty good form. I was really enjoying it.

A thought hit me... If I had played tennis life just wouldn't have the same journey. I wouldn't have met the people I did at basketball camps or had two ACL reconstructions that paved the way for how I deal with major tragedies in my journey and I wouldn't have learned to deal with horrible "bosses" as in coaches or know how to run a million lines and I wouldn't know what it felt like to be a part of a team or that passion that fires inside after shooting a three pointer and hearing it swish through the goal. Yep... I could have been a star or a tennis coach, but my life would have just been "different." And... heck, we all know I could never be as good as my mother at tennis! She used to take me to the courts and tell me if I could beat her I could have my own checking account... then she'd drill the ball right past me.

So this weekend I am flying home... YES!!! I absolutely love being nestled up safely with family where you feel as if life is stopping for a day. For a moment I am again a little girl... sort of... until I help cook or clean! So many take it for granted... but, sitting in the den with Dad and Brenda just watching television or sharing a fun conversation is such a treasure. It isn't about doing this or that or going out to dinner... it's those moments that make life so worthwhile to me. I also get to see Tonia at her pool party and maybe Chandra and Amanda! Sunshine and family... whoa... what a drug overdose!

My sorority sister, Julie is in town from Seattle so a bunch of my pledge sisters are going out to dinner on Friday. I always enjoy time with them. Time changes us and time changes our lives, but somehow we are all rooted together. We pledged back in 2000... my gosh... roots grow limbs and limbs grow leaves... still firmly planted.

I wanted to attend Singles tomorrow night for my church as I need to get involved and keep chickening out, but I found out it isn't until Sunday! Urgh! I think once I get over the hump it will be just fine. I loved my group in Tyler so much... I know it will be the same here. I just have to face my own fears!

Jump in!!!

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