Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy "Mother's" Day

I don’t think much about Mother’s Day. I guess I just don’t celebrate it anymore. When Mom was alive it was our day. We would always go eat at KC Steakhouse after church… and I offered to pay half! I would write her poems or try to shower her in some way on that day. Lord knows the rest of the days I was the typical teenager who didn’t know how to show her mother the love she deserved. I will forever regret that, but I also know she understood I was a stupid teenager.

Before she passed away I was eighteen and at college and I can still remember the day I figured my mom wasn’t insane. You know, she just might know a little more than me. I began becoming friends with her and she was quite the human being! Now… if my mother were alive today she would be my very best friend. I wonder sometimes if that is why God took her from me at age nineteen because today I am not sure I could or would have handled it at all.

My mother was a super mother. Yes, she only had one child so it might look easy, but nope… She was a teacher, cheerleading sponsor, wife, involved in many school activities and a mother all rolled in one. As a typical only child she was at every single event in the world for me. My senior year of high school she even came to all showings of my play! She was at every basketball game… except thank God she wasn’t at the one where I retore my ACL in my knee. I begged Dad just not to tell her… but, I’m sure he realized since I couldn’t walk she might figure it out. My mom was an angel… really. She never said a word bad about anyone and it drove me insane! She never cussed… gosh darn… she called it cursing and that drove me insane as well! She would pray in the shower… I heard her. She always spoke to God as if He were her best friend and she always wore her religion as a sense of pride. She truly loved Jesus. And… she knew how to handle me. I would whine that I wasn’t good enough or this or that and she would say… “Yes, Julie, you are ugly and fat and dumb. Everyone hates you.” Then I would laugh. My absolute favorite memory is when I was having one of those days she put me in a bear hug and she rocked me laughing and said, “Oh poor Julie. Poor poor Julie.” I would laugh harder. I told you she drove me insane! She knew how to parent. I mean, she knew how to roll it all into one… she was strict and loving all at the same time. As a teacher she was legendary, but as a mother she was just angelic. It’s tough not to have her right there at the touch of a button, but she listens to me. She’s an angel. My mother will always be my hero. She is forever a legend in my mind. So, I guess I do think about Mother’s Day… but, I bet she’s up there in Heaven having her a shrimp cocktail in celebration!

Though I do not have a blood mother here on Earth… I got very angry at a family reunion a few years ago when a family member said she felt sorry for me because I just didn’t have a mother figure. I wanted to jump at her like a puma. Some people don’t realize when one leaves our life that God definitely doesn’t leave you empty handed. He has provided me with some wonderful mother figures and I thank Him for that.

My stepmommy, Brenda Corn Adams. Brenda rocks. She is so deeply rooted in her faith and always thinking of her children. She makes my Dad smile and I see his laughter in his eyes once again. She makes me laugh and smile as well.

Donna Roberts. Donna is Dad’s first cousin and might as well be another mother to me by blood. She has always treated me as her own and I can call her at any time with anything and she is right there. Donna has such wonderful advice and such a loving heart.

My grandmother, Grandmommy Una Boles. Really no explanation needed. She is who my mother would be over eighty. She has a golden heart and such a soft soul. She is just hands down the best woman in the world today.

Dianne Gray. Nick's mother. She has boys so she either really likes me... or she just enjoys having a "daughter" to spoil instead of those muddy boys! She is always there with a kind word and a very strong heart. She inspires me to be a good person as well.

Linda Nolder. I met Linda when I met my big sis in Kappa Delta, Tiffany... I rate it up there with one of the nicest things in the world… In college Linda came all the way to Texas Tech for KD Mom’s Weekend to be my stand in mother. She is not only one of the best cooks on the planet, but she rules with an iron fist and a velvet heart… just what I need.

So don’t ever tell me I don’t have motherly figures… God gives us angels to fly.


Allison said...

That is a really sweet post. Your mom sounds like she was an amazing lady.

Pleasant Drive said...

You are such a reflective, insightful person. I miss you!