Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Years 2012

Here we are 2012. I am praying for a great year.

We celebrated New Year's Eve in Austin for Jana's 30th birthday. It was a big surprise! There were five couples. We got an amazing house on Lake Travis! I guess I'll let the pictures tell some of the story!

We started out at Hula Hut. We were all there and Andrea stopped there telling Jana she just wanted to use their bathroom. She was so confused.

This is the house... It was amazing! We played pool, enjoyed the hot tub and could see stars!!!

The guys cooked us all a big breakfast the next morning. I think the guys did more cooking and cleaning on this trip than us. Wow! Jana loves being outdoors so that morning we all went for about a three mile walk/hike. Along our hike we saw the camel below! He was at this huge home... how fun to have a pet camel! After our hike we decided to "lay out" because it was really nice outside! The boys threw the football while the girls chit chatted and did our nails.

We headed out that night to Z Tejas for dinner. We got all gussied up together upstairs while the guys played pool. I was not sure about wearing a dress right after eating the entire holidays, but it turned out okay! After dinner we went to a new place in Austin just for a bit to take some pictures and watch a fireworks show. Dennis Quaid was there with his wife. Not cool. Kacie and Jana went to get a picture and he wouldn't talk to them. He turned his head! His wife's friend came over later and said, "Honey, it's okay, he's married." Kacie was like, "I am, too! I just wanted a picture!" It became quite the joke of the entire trip. He didn't impress me anyway... he was short and then I wondered why a 57 year old man was at the bar? Oh well, we had a good time anyway! Oh... so in the middle of all of this I am getting sick and pretty much lose my voice. I tried to keep talking, but it sure was difficult!

The girls: Kacie, Taby, Jana, Andrea, Shyloh, Julie


After we got back everyone changed into comfy clothes so we could get in the hot tub and dance in the living room. I don't dance... but, the girls are pretty much professionals! Taby didn't dance either! We did a little, but mainly we just laughed. They were doing cheerleading stunts and being funny. Shane took a million photos of this, but I haven't seen them yet! When the clock struck midnight I think we were all chatting on the couch and some of the guys were playing pool so we had to all come together quickly!

We really had a blast. I'd rate it up there among the best New Years I've had! It was just fun to be around such a great group of people. Everyone is just so kind and fun and friendly... except Dennis Quaid.

Here's to 2012!!!

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