Monday, January 23, 2012

A Weekend Filled with 30 Candles

Looking back ten years ago I never knew where I would be at 30 years old. Sure, we all have dreams of what we want for our lives. We don't realize life happens and we just live day to day. Some dreams come true and others don't and other dreams come alive that we never knew existed. It all makes sense. One thing I can say about turning 30 is that I see God's hands in everything around me, in everything about my life, in everything I go through and everything I conquer. 30 is a whole new beginning. The 20s are over and we are on a new journey. It's quite exciting!!!

On my actual birthday I got my closest friends together at Saint Ann's in Dallas. We started on the patio then went inside to eat and hang out. We had the best time. We ate and laughed and laughed some more. They were the best gift. After Saint Ann's, Anna, Max, Jenna, Sarah, Nick and I all went to the Loon to end the night. It was very low key and I just loved it. I didn't want the night to end. Truly wonderful.

Nick's Parents

My dear friend, Sarah Michele Cohen

Wonderful friends Anna, Kacie, Andrea & Jana

Cody and I grew up next door to one another playing GI Joes and Barbies. Only fitting. I was so happy he and Kristy could join us!!!

I think this is the worst picture I've ever seen of me! But, it tasted good!

Others in attendance I didn't get great photos of: Geoff, Tony, Jenna, Kristy, Max, Jason & Michele

Nick planned a weekend of surprises. I had NO CLUE. I was scared to death! I'm a big time planner of each hour!!! We started off late because we were so tired from Thursday night! Nick planned a big breakfast, but he was nice enough to let me sleep a bit! Our first stop was the Dallas Zoo! He wanted me to feel young at heart. It was AMAZING!!!!!! My favorites were the penguins, goats and giraffes. The gorilla was asleep and he was so adorable. I totally understand how children love the zoo.

We then went out to Alla's Historical Bed and Breakfast. It was beyond a dream. The owners, Rick and Alla were so much fun. The home is about 100 years old. The things inside are so neat to look at. Alla is from Ukraine so she has so many stories. First off when we arrived they gave us a tour of the house and we sat down to talk a bit. I'll let the pictures tell the story of the home. Alla was such an interesting lady. First off, when you arrive you get a glass of wine. She sure fills that thing up! And you better not allow it to get low or she fills it up more. It made me giggle. She makes everything from scratch and organic so she has a lot of wisdeom about that. She and Rick sat with us for hours just telling stories. I could have sat there the entire night! Before we watched a movie and after we had our glass of wine with Rick and Alla, Nick surprised me with a hike at a nearby preserve. It was almost dark, but we got in a bit of a hike!!! At breakfast they ring the dinner bell and we all come! We had such a great breakfast. Rick and Alla again sat with us and talked. The food was very yummy, but the conversation was just as good! We will for sure be going back and sending friends to them! They have won many awards... in true reporter fashion I asked what made them different... Alla said hospitality. I believe her because they treated us like family!


Saturday the first destination was the JFK Museum. I had wanted to go there forever. It was so interesting!!! We were wiped out so I went home for a nap before Nick surprised me with a night out at Terillis. It is a restaurant on Lower Greenville. Such a neat and nice atmosphere. We ate then came home for leftover birthday cake.

What a perfect weekend!!! I was surrounded with laughter and love the entire time. That is the best present of a 30th birthday weekend. Those not in attendance were surely there in heart. My Dad, Stepmommy, Tiffany, Chandra, Paige, Ashley & my nieces, Teffy... all even gave me a call since they were far away in distance!!! How wonderful to get to talk to your favorite people on the phone when they are not there!!! Here's a toast to another decade. It was a tremendous weekend. I thank God for each and every blessing.

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Alla's Historical Bed and Breakfast, Spa & Cabana said...

THANK YOU my Dear!! This is the best story!
Love, Alla.